the virtues of walks

I spent most of yesterday walking around with Scott. We walked to the max and took it all the way to the Zoo. We stopped at PGE park, though for some bento. There is a trail, called the Wildwood, that goes from the Zoo down to the Japanese Garden. It was muddy, and there were quite a few people out. After an hour or so in the garden, we took a bus back down to the max, stopped off at the Bike Gallery, and then caught a movie at the Fox Tower. It was _letters from iwo jima_. I hadn’t heard much about it, other than it was the counterpart to _flags of our fathers_. Wow, it was really good.

liberal rant for the day

Here’s what I wrote after listening to an NPR story about sleep deprivation and teens. Here’s what I wrote to NPR:

I waited to hear something about diet and exercise in Allison Aubrey’s story about teens and sleep. The message seemed to be that 2/3 of teens suffer from sleep problems, and to solve the problem parents need sleep specialists to tell them what to do. I had a hard time with the implication that a melatonin pill is easier and more effective than removing TVs and computers from bedrooms! C’mon! Parents need to help their kids make healthy choices that are sustainable. Part of that is putting limits on entertainment. Another part is showing their kids that exercise and diet are the keys to long term health and a good night’s sleep.

We’ll see if I’m famous tomorrow.

the new old blog

I’ve had a few ideas for writing:

* managing for technical people
* project managment
* gardening
* chicken tending

That probably adds up to:
* how to be a serial hobbiest

I don’t know. This is probably something that I actually know about. Maybe i’ll just mix myself a drink and enjoy my day off.