gender diversity at web conferences

Gender diversity is popping up again in the blogs. Just thought I’d pass these along.

With that in mind, I collected some information about some of the most visible past and upcoming conferences in the tech/design/web space. I’m reasonably sure that the organizers of these conferences were aware of at least one of the above recent complaints about gender diversity at conferences (they were both linked widely in the blogosphere), so it will be interesting to see if those complaints were taken seriously by them.

And a site that lists potential speakers for conferences:

Making a list is just a start, but what a freaking list it is. I am psyched.

Many thanks to all the contributors to comment threads here on Personism, and over on design*sponge. Marc and Sara over at Wooster Collective also provided some excellent suggestions.

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near-zero energy home

From BASF, but the website has a fair amount of detail. And they make some pretty crazy claims:

The BASF Near-Zero Energy Home-Paterson, N.J., harnesses the power of the sun to generate electricity and heat water. As a result, the home draws almost no power from the grid, greatly reducing utility costs. Two solar energy systems are integrated into the BASF ULTRA-Cool® coated metal roof from Englert.

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