twittering on 2008-08-25

  • back home, beer in hand. a little more cleaning of the basement before settling in for a movie. #
  • @stewartsmith congrats on house. good luck with the pringles can! #
  • @clonezone me too! (first day at new job) #
  • contemplating vogon poetry. #
  • @PeteForsyth I didn’t say recital! #
  • @Joseph_di_P not yet 🙂 more of an asimov/philip k. dick/orson scott card scifi reader. always looking for suggestions! #
  • @EvaCatHerder it’s all for the new job. 😀 #
  • @ctronco thanks! have a book order to put in, so adding _seeker_ unless you have a better suggestion… #