First day in NYC for #pgeast

I’m here in NYC today, and looking over the schedule. I also posted the wifi keys below for the conference if you’re looking!

It’s not easy to link to individual talks, but here’s my short list of talks and people I’m going to try to connect with over the next three days:

  • True serializable transactions are here! – Kevin Grittner
  • Building your first mongodb application – Brendan W McAdams
  • Defense against the dark arts: protecting your data from orms – Vanessa Hurst
  • pgbouncer: A practical implementation of a multiserver database farm behind the firewall – Lou Picciano
  • Range Types – Jeff Davis
  • The Write STuff – Greg Smith
  • Getting started with PL/Proxy – Peter Eisentraut
  • Streaming databases: stepping outside of Postgres – Theo Schlossnagle
  • Data-driven cache invalidation – Magnus Hagander
  • Creating and Using Foreign Data Wrappers – Andrew Dunstan
  • PostgreSQL Performance Pitfalls – Greg Smith
  • View Triggers – David Fetter
  • Introduction to Write Ahead Logging – Robert Haas
  • Experiences with MongoDb as a queue and dict server – Tejaswi Nadahalli
  • Monitoring and Managing MongoDB and Postgres Applications with ClearStone – Tim Sneed
  • Comparing the Apache Cassandra Architecture to PostgreSQL – Jake Luciani

And if you’re searching for the wifi keys for the conference:

SkyTop: conf181pa
PennTopSouth: conf182pa
PennTopNorth: conf183pa
Madison: conf184pa
6th floor (Executive6fl): conf060pa

Also, I’m here to talk to folks about working at Emma. We’re hiring! Find me if you want to chat. 🙂

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