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Selena Deckelmann is senior director of engineering for Firefox and was a major contributor to PostgreSQL. She’s been involved with free and open source software since 1995 and began running conferences for PostgreSQL in 2007. In 2012, she founded PyLadiesPDX, a portland chapter of PyLadies. She founded Open Source Bridge, Postgres Open and speaks internationally about open source, databases and community. You can find her on twitter (@selenamarie) and on her blog. She also keeps chickens and gives a lot of technical talks.

She was an advisor for two years to the Ada Initiative, an organization dedicated to increasing the participation of women in open source and technology communities.

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Selena tends to write about things like: women in Open Source, Open Source World Domination, and features that make PostgreSQL rock. She likes writing, generally. And can usually be convinced to write about things she’s up to. She also likes to draw monkeys. And Postgres. She’s a contributing writer for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Manual, and Student Guide. You can contact her at selenamarie@gmail.com.

About photos on the site

Anything unattributed is a photo my husband has or I have taken. Most of them are up on my flickr site. I shoot with a Nikon D40 (currently out of commission), an Cannon Elph, an iPhone 3G, a Droid 3 or a 30+ year old Fujica film camera.

About chesnok

‘chesnok’ means garlic in russian. I studied Russian for two years in college. I was obsessed with Marina Tsvetaeva, Anna Akhmatova and Osip Mandelstam. My accent is terrible, and I can only barely read simple Russian anymore.