Weekly tweet digest for 2009-08-16

twittering on 2009-08-10

Weekly tweet digest for 2009-08-09

twittering on 2009-08-09

  • First big crash. Blowout, no serious injuries. one rider out but walking #portlandcrit #
  • Omg can’t wait for cross season #portlandcrit #
  • @sumwan haven’t heard about pricing.. opensqlcamp.org in pdx will be free! nov 14-15 http://bit.ly/1L8U1g #
  • just got a specialized crossroads frame for bike. making a components list. #
  • @thesethings @jeffreymcmanus if i had been drinking something, i’d be snorting it out my nose right now. #
  • i admit it. i just bought a headset off craigslist. #crossbike #obsessive #

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