twittering on 2008-03-31

  • back at hotel after a long, long day. getting up tomorrow to go to the air & space museum w/ bruce, magnus and nikolai #
  • thank yous for postgresql conference east: #
  • Air & space museum! #
  • @ Dulles. plane is delayed. #
  • Caught a little of Women Who Tech talk before getting on the plane. #womenwhotech #
  • ne1 know the trick to get the low bandwidth gmail interface? Pls DM. #
  • Thx everyone! Resorted to lynx. #
  • i should say using lynx over a compressed SSH connection. way flakey AP here. #

twittering on 2008-03-30

  • tired, but the conference is awesome. #
  • headed to postgresql conferernce! #
  • getting ready for postgresql conference roundtable.. #
  • getting ready for postgresql conference roundtable.. #
  • @gorthx wish that you were here! #
  • back from a great lunch discussion. more about how we can get in-place upgrades implemented #
  • for postgresql #
  • listening to a defense of denormalization from Gil Moskowitz #
  • xtuple uses stored procedures in postgresql to return useful error messages, and then Qt to translate messages on the fly #
  • (translate into different languages) – within 2 days of open sourcing the client, they had europeans asking about translations #
  • people haven’t been as much interested in the code – more interested in *using* the app and putting in work to translate #
  • applying constraints to the database is helping them to find longstanding bugs in their application. #
  • @danblaker congrats!!! pics? πŸ™‚ #

PostgreSQL Conference Day 1

I just got home from the EnterpriseDB party at Jasper’s. What a fantastic day at the conference!

I attended most of Brent Friedman’s Java and PostgreSQL talk. I do a little Java hacking for a legacy app, so the sysadmin-ish details about installation and upgrading were useful as I look forward to upgrading.

Andrew Sullivan

I really, really enjoyed Andrew Sullivan’s talk on Rapid Development as Denial of Service Attack. Not only is Andrew witty and sharp, he just nailed the people problems that are inherent in modern software design. I really liked his presentation style as well – tons of useful analogies. Some key bits:

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twittering on 2008-03-28

  • sun is out in DC! #
  • hi @danblaker πŸ™‚ #
  • @geekygirldawn i love your new icon. it’s so heathers, it hurts πŸ˜€ #
  • @danblaker awww shucks πŸ™‚ #
  • getting ready to head out to chevy’s for pre-postgresql conference funkitude #
  • @danblaker yes we do have chickens. they are adorable πŸ™‚ #

twittering on 2008-03-27

  • headed home to pack! #
  • AmySedarisBrownies/p176: 4egg/beat fluffy,1c sugar, 1c flour,1t bkng pwdr,.5t salt,(1pkg choc chip,.66c butter)melt tog,2t vanilla. 350F/25m #
  • optional: pecans. #
  • @muckp delicious! #
  • @br3nda hope you feel better soon. #
  • at JFK. free jetblue wifi! #
  • In D. C. #
  • picked up the paper edition of the Onion from UMD campus. laughed for a good 10 minutes while waiting for a cab. #

PostgreSQL Conference East Flickr group


I created a Flickr group for the conference and added a few pictures today.

The weather in Maryland is just like Portland this week! Kind of drizzly and overcast. The sun peeked out for a few minutes at sunset, and I had a nice walk around the University of Maryland at College Park campus today.

I met several people in the UMIACS department, including my new hero, Mike, who created over 100 individual wireless network accounts for conference attendees. The rooms look great, and the foyer where we’ll be having breakfast is very pretty. UMD’s campus is just amazing and huge. If you’ve got an extra hour to spare, take a walk around!

twittering on 2008-03-26

  • @turoczy LOL #
  • @linuxpoet best wishes to henry. #
  • @stadler cyrix processor was the first processor i ever bought for the first computer i ever built myself *memories* #
  • being horrifed at code-n-splode by a face-melting file format (in this case EDI) #
  • woo! PSU just sponsored Portland BarCamp! #
  • @spinnerin has her XO here πŸ™‚ and it is MESHING! #
  • just got confirmation on wireless access for UMD really has it together. #
  • @xolotl: #bacon! #
  • @xolotl has a diabolically recursive mind. #
  • @radiogretchen happy birthday!! #
  • @ljbanks the clinton campaign uses "hillary" rather than "hillary clinton" or "hillary rodham clinton". not sexist – intentional marketing. #
  • @ljbanks the campaign says that it reflects the human connection she has with her supporters. #
  • @ljbanks sometimes marketing backfires :/ #
  • from @zrusilla new word alert: rickroll. awesome. #
  • @thesethings i’m for’ing stuff to #heytwitches #
  • @petdance yes. forgive me, but rick astley does not often come up in conversation. #
  • catching up on rss #
  • @radiogretchen bernies (NE), acadia (NE), justa pasta (NW), thai orchid (NW), lucy’s table (NW), farm (SE) #
  • Thanks to Silicon Mechanics for sponsoring #BarCampPortland! #
  • @metafluence congrats! look forward to hearing more. #
  • @br3nda has finally given me a reason to get a facebook account. now, i just need a plane ticket #
  • heads up: LA folks – postgresql newbie training sponsored by LAPUG in April – watch for details #
  • @xolotl i’m in! #

PostgreSQL Conference East – this Saturday and Sunday

We’re wrapping up all the little details for the conference:

  • Wireless access is secured! Each person will have their own account. You’ll receive it when you register.
  • Our final schedule is available!
  • The last few talks have been rolling in. I’m very excited about the round table Sunday morning with Joshua Drake (USPA and PostgreSQL SPI Liaison), Bruce Momjian (PostgreSQL Core) and Magnus Hagander (PostgreSQL-EU). Bring some questions! We’ll be on IRC taking remote questions as well.
  • I’ll be giving a talk on ptop Sunday too!
  • Also very excited to get together with other Women In Open Source!

We’re all getting together at the Greenbelt Chevy’s on Friday night. Let me know if you’d like to join. I’ve made a reservation for 20.

twittering on 2008-03-25

  • tired. tired. tired. #
  • @karolcooks that is awesome! i hope i can be there. #
  • @linuxpoet is very nihilistic today. #
  • just had a great conversation about the US PostgreSQL Association. its gonna rock. #
  • looking forward to this saturday! if you’re on the East Coast, you can still register! #
  • i will be making bacon martinis for the spring party my husband and i throw at the end of april. #
  • fixing an inventory bug… #
  • @petdance KILL IT! i wish there was an equivalent of "head on a lance" for bad code. #
  • hi @zrusilla! πŸ™‚ #
  • @linuxpoet gave a great summary of complaints we had about postgresql – good feature list for summer of code πŸ™‚ #
  • @linuxpoet field trip! summer time would be best. #
  • @zrusilla just turned me on to act: #
  • thinking that @xolotl and i need to represent at should we have drupal pom-poms? #
  • @xolotl darn it. maybe it #
  • @xolotl oops – maybe it’ll be an elimination bracket, and there will be a second meeting with drupal v. plone. we’d totally win. #
  • @radiogretchen i am IN #
  • @karolcooks WE ARE SO IN #
  • @radiogretchen i am a fan of whimsical hair. #
  • @karolcooks i have a favorite brownie recipe, best eaten the second day. can send when i get home. #
  • @adamd maybe @notbenh? #
  • @ahockley did! #
  • @varlass sure thing! brownie recipe, right? #
  • headed out to get the car tire fixed. #
  • @notbenh meet @adamd πŸ™‚ he’s interested in a defense of wordpress as CMS at the upcoming pdx web innovators meeting #