PgDay EU – Best conference ever?

PgEU conference Photo
Smiling, PostgreSQL-using conference goers

Anyone who went will likely tell you how much they enjoyed PGDay EU 2008. My biggest regret this year is that I was unable to attend.

Magnus Hagander’s Planet blog is still missing, so I’m blogging the link to his fabulous photos for him. If you see any pictures with missing names or labels, please let him know at magnus -at- hagander (dot) net.

This conference was once again led by Gabriele Bartolini, and a large supporting team – including the other board members of PgEU – Magnus Hagander, Jean-Paul Argudo and Andreas Scherbaum. PgEU (for those that don’t know) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting PostgreSQL in European nations. Next year, this conference will be held somewhere in France! Stay tuned to for details!


My favorite photo:
lolcats and greg stark

At PgCon in Ottawa, Day 1

Oops, this got published early. I’ll be updating this shortly.. probably over lunch.

Magnus posted some photos already!

Summary of last night:

We had a great time last night at the pub for registration, and then over to the Yahoo! party. We had fun talking databases, beer, and the difficulty in trying to understand Australian accents. I learned from Tom (not Tom Lane) that Adelaide, Australia has a fantastic wine-growing region. Alvarro once again recommended that Jeff commit his time interval data type. I think Jeff was convinced to do this for 8.4. Now I have to update the documentation!

PostgreSQL Conference East Flickr group


I created a Flickr group for the conference and added a few pictures today.

The weather in Maryland is just like Portland this week! Kind of drizzly and overcast. The sun peeked out for a few minutes at sunset, and I had a nice walk around the University of Maryland at College Park campus today.

I met several people in the UMIACS department, including my new hero, Mike, who created over 100 individual wireless network accounts for conference attendees. The rooms look great, and the foyer where we’ll be having breakfast is very pretty. UMD’s campus is just amazing and huge. If you’ve got an extra hour to spare, take a walk around!