Save the Ada Initiative

If you believe that women are a crucial part of the future of free and open source software, you should give to the Ada Initiative.

If you think we should have more women contributing, talking about and using free and open source software, you should donate to the Ada Initiative today.

I spent this past summer working with Mary, Valerie and the many supporters and contributors to the Ada Initiative. I talked to past donors, and spent a lot of time writing and thinking about how the Ada Initiative has evolved.

I met hundreds of people in person and online who believe not only that the Ada Initiative is a crucial advocate for change in the world of open source, but that establishing gender balance in open source through their work is a worthwhile, achievable goal. That work includes research, writing, training and creating culture and community specifically designed for women to flourish.

They’ve created strong relationships across project, business and ideological boundaries, through their board, advisors and AdaCamps.

I’m a member of the Advisors board, a major contributor to PostgreSQL and a data architect at Mozilla. These relationships have formed into a strong, diverse and visible alliance of women in open technology.

Because of the Ada Initiative’s work, I have seen an important shift from identifying problems to seeking solutions among my colleagues in open source. This work is made possible because TAI provides full-time employment to focus, write about and act on these solutions. Their work cannot continue without your support.

Between now and October 31, you can be the crucial donors who made this organization succeed in 2012. If you work for Microsoft, Google or Red Hat your donation with be doubled thanks to charitable giving matching programs. And individuals like Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson are sponsoring matching grants.

Social change is never easy, and the organizations like the Ada Initiative, who chose to step into the void, need our support.

Take a few minutes and give to the Ada Initiative, to Mary and Val, and help their work continue in 2013.