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Weekly tweet digest for 2010-02-21

  • Back in Auckland, desperately sleepy but brain isn't turning off from #kiwifoo10 #
  • +1 RT @rachelannyes: Resolved: goto @brooklynmuseum 2 see Kiki Smith exhibit. Interesting departure from previous work, w familiar cadences. #
  • anyone in Auckland want to go to Tiritiri Matangi tomorrow? Boat leaves at 9am. #
  • Headed out for adventure in Auckland #
  • just got best linkedin invite ever. you know who you are. #
  • ah, the ferry leaves at *10am* today. delightful! laying in bed a little longer, smiling at lovely emails, hacking. #
  • On the ferry to the dormant volcano. #Auckland #
  • Thinking about the importance of play and humor in work after spending all this time in NZ #
  • yay! @lin_nah here at coffee shop to take me to curry tonight #
  • whew! the firehose has started for today. working extra remote, still works. 😀 #
  • got called a weirdo earlier for sending a text to @amatix while in the same room. doesn't everyone do that? #
  • feeling a bit sad to be leaving NZ today. beautiful country, lovely people, and the fact that it is summer right now doesn't hurt. 🙂 #
  • Hey @flyairnz, is there a good place for wifi access in the Auckland international terminal? #
  • Currently hate-queueing. #
  • Feeling like a big baby for crying after I had to check my violin in. Flying now sucks. #
  • Thanks so much to @lin_nah, @slyall and @talios for making me feel so at home in Auckland. #
  • Landed, violin is fine. Have wifi. 🙂 #
  • congrats #scale8x on kicking off another show! sorry to miss it. cc @garethgreenaway @irabinovitch #
  • RT @pdxpug: This Thursday: @notbenh on over-normalization: http://calagator.org/events/1250458306 #
  • RT @aurynn: "The code is full of copypasta." #
  • RT @elonjames: Did u miss it? On @SalonMedia: "Brunching While Black" [Article + New Vid] http://elonjam.es/bwb #WeBrunchHard #
  • there isn't much better than: sunshine + biking + @pdxpug + @pdxhackathon. i know you're jealous! #
  • "Let's make technologies that make people more human, not less." @rgleeson http://is.gd/8GQqI (ht @justinthiele) #
  • "I'm trying to stay at the theory level." "You mean my level?" -@pdxpug #
  • "I have PHOTOGRAPHS that are bigger than that." (the 42 GB table) -@pdxpug #
  • i think something might be happening with the @osbridge website tonight. maybe. #
  • so, @hackathon. absorbing the awesome. #
  • um. so, there's a tattoo artist that may be willing to tattoo logos during @osbridge. are you in? #
  • it looks as though @pdxhackathon is >20 people tonight. #
  • sez @foursquare: "If you're starting a Lift project go with PostgreSQL from day 1." http://bit.ly/bUAGSH (HT @snaga) #
  • wow! @maxticket awesome! looks like a fun event: http://www.queenanneview.com/2010/02/18/pacific-nw-yo-yo-championships-at-seattle-center/ in reply to maxticket #
  • hey @jmelesky, thx for the tix! totally gonna see 'slap that bitch' this weekend. #shakespeare #yestheywentthere #
  • team is putting final touches on the @osbridge site.. before.. something exciting happens… #
  • <3'ing the new menu layout @reidab designed for @osbridge. can't wait to launch. #
  • rad! RT @slashdot: Considering Cheaper Pico-Projectors As Standard Equipment On Cell Phones http://bit.ly/d3dpbV #
  • RT @janl: Screencast by @jchris about Evently, latest jQuery hotness for CouchDB / CouchApp development: http://jan.io/8RWO #EPICOUTFITWIN #
  • RT @osbridge: We want your ideas (CFP open!), but only through March 18: http://tr.im/osb10cfp #
  • At emanon for code-n-splode book meetup #

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