twittering on 2009-02-28

twittering on 2009-02-27

  • just a reminder about PuppetPDX meeting tomorrow night [] #
  • dreading a critical mistake i made with in hasty chess move yesterday. #
  • @ahockley not without jailbreaking #
  • yup. that was a dumb move. #
  • i love that jim zemlin’s first words are “calm down” [] #
  • @eximious awww. is it the noah wiley version? or the real one? #
  • @OvidPerl don’t hold back too much. you’d have no tongue left. #
  • RT @lokkju: RT @garywkfung: Gizmodo coverage of my emoji ban story at #
  • mornin’, @spinnerin #
  • RT @chrismessina: My argument on gender diversity at conferences: #fowaspeak #fowa (cc: @ryancarson @halvorson) #
  • RT @gorthx: sort an entire file in #vim :%!sort sort lines 3-10 :3,10!sort @commandlinefu – are u listening? 😀 #
  • @emmajane puffer? #
  • @emmajane ahhh. 🙁 and here i was imagining some kind of fish sandwich. #
  • @sarahsharp very good point. I’m contacting the core team and we’re discussing what to do now. #
  • ruminating over rhubarb. i love territorial seeds. #
  • @perbu haha. welcome to the club! #
  • i’m going to go to the lloyd mall for lunch. anyone in the neighborhood? #
  • @sarahsharp thank you for that advice! 🙂 #
  • @arjenvrielink your wife knows how to have a good time. that is awesome! 😀 #
  • inspired by @ntenhross, foreclosures in my neighborhood #
  • @donpdonp good choice. #
  • @eggyknap just dreaming, that’s all 🙂 #
  • @eximious i think barns are cool. #
  • @sarahsharp thanks for submitting a talk. git FTW! #
  • @schmichael having a look.. probably won’t respond now because of @beerandblog and PuppetPDX tonight #

twittering on 2009-02-26

  • headed out to @osbridge core team meeting #
  • here were our choices: [] #
  • New open source bridge site being deployed #osbridge #
  • i am so enjoying the new !postgres tweeters #
  • eating delicious snacks #
  • @schmichael you’re too kind 🙂 you’re not planning to get chickens are you? #
  • woo! ssh is magic. #
  • finding the twinkly background on @osbridge’s page adorable. also, registration is open: #
  • @markwkm you go! next you can come drywall my basement! #
  • ok, i ate all the crackers. #
  • @stewartsmith i still feel a little tingle every time the files appear on the other machine. #
  • @stewartsmith: and moar awesome? sshfs. and even moar? ~C escape cmdline w/runtime cr8 of dynamic port forwards (released 2/23). yeah! #
  • i just created !ilovessh #
  • @thesethings have you used “command=”? if not, you have not lived. !ilovessh #
  • also, tunnels that auto-forward to other tunnels? !ilovessh #
  • finally, tar/gzip + untar/ungzip through an ssh tunnel? yeah. that’s right. use the network to manage your disk space “problem”. !ilovessh #
  • @thesethings don’t make me cut-n-paste from my .bashrc! #
  • @littleidea aww, shucks. srsly! ssh-keygen -t dsa! rad! !ilovessh #ratedSSH #
  • checkin’ out [] want an invite? #
  • @reidab LOLin’ #
  • @cfisk glad to hear it! !ilovessh #
  • @crunchysue free software is about freedom, not always “free as in beer”. agree its nice when free/freedom together. space/hotel costs $$ #
  • @davidfetter !postgres is a group on #
  • RT @schmichael: @selenamarie re: “ssh” – ControlMaster/ControlPath to allow multiple ssh sessions via 1 network connection. !ilovessh #
  • @crunchysue hahahaha. 😉 #
  • RT @StevenWalling: 10 Things You Could Do Better Today #
  • @BikePortland that looks amazing. In some ways, I think we’re closer than you imagine 🙂 #

twittering on 2009-02-25

  • Glad I came out for codensplode to hear @aplyley talk about investing #
  • Just saw @ike6 play sweet music at the ash street #
  • @chrismessina man, that’s just FUD 🙂 just use a brake. #
  • loving that @gaeyia is giving tech support to @the_real_shaq #
  • hello, morning. #
  • @turoczy latter, always the latter. #
  • @pjf sorry i haven’t replied to your email. it is in my queue 🙂 our conf is june 17-20, so may not work for you 🙁 #
  • RT @StevenWalling: So my prime options for learning to get up early are meth or babies? If I combine the two, does it work better? #
  • why is everyone being so funny this morning? i’ll bet its because the rain is back. #
  • @jonobacon re yr preso @ #scale7x wanted to point you to @hideshione re: creativity, design, changing attitudes #
  • @garethgreenaway 🙁 feel better soon! #scale7x was awesome. #
  • @garethgreenaway yeah, definitely. i’ll ping u next week re: hackfest. #
  • aurgh! sun! #pdxst #
  • @pjf yes, i had really pushed for that so that we could have the Party Bus to San Jose [tm], but June was better for most people. #
  • Tastes pretty good. #
  • RT @brianaker: The best method for making money on open source software? Make use of it 🙂 #
  • @bkuhn oh yeah, i’m still smarting from your explanation when i tried to patent “wet blanket statement”. #
  • @caseorganic that is a great, funny analogy. #
  • loving the friendly fires. thanks @whateverson. #
  • feeling much better now that chess with friends is working again. #
  • i <3 @endpoint #

twittering on 2009-02-23

  • pg_standby: i <3 u. no really. i like you a lot. seriously. #
  • @AE3nn tell your mom that she’s made me feel like a very bad person. #
  • @agray glad to hear you’re fencing your chickens in. #
  • @ryansnyder are you sure it isn’t @methneighbor? #
  • sleepy. #
  • RT @muckp: Holy moly, US Gov’t will be required to post RSS feeds! (via @radar) AWESOME #
  • listening to a mix from @whateverson #
  • @gchaix agreed 🙂 #
  • Wiki sticker on bike #
  • Three words: wet blanket statement [tm] #
  • @SteveWalling hah! i thought of you when i took that picture 🙂 #
  • @markwkm very well! i have some email for you 🙂 #
  • @depesz_com welcome to twitter 🙂 working on getting the slides up. added some things based on feedback from tim bunce & others… #
  • @turoczy what’s the opposite of the big bang? that’s when @SyntaxPolice get’s an iPhone. #
  • 4 everyone, @depesz_com is responsible for best single technical blog on postgres (@planetpostgres is best aggrgt) #
  • very curious what ringtones @turnstep has #
  • waiting for Bosco to pick me up at the hotel. #
  • RT @brampitoyo: @masonwest Event overload FAIL? More like #pdxeventsingularity! (the optimism is catching) #

Report from SCaLE 7x

Awesome booth volunteers Noel and Erez!

In the elevator this morning, a person asked me if I was with the SCaLE conference. He started by saying that he was really happy that we (the people attending the conference) were there, and that he hoped for Linux to be successful. And then he said, “I’m a linux supporter, but I’m a windows captive.”

Because I work every day with free software, I lose touch with people who feel trapped by their operating system. That moment in the elevator reminded me that not everyone is as lucky as I am!

This is my second year attending SCaLE. I’m just as excited as I was last year about the number of end users, systems administrators, and enthusiastic supporters of free and open source software. During Joe Brockmeier’s keynote, he asked the crowd to raise their hands if they were already contributing to an open source project, and less than 1/3 of the crowd raised their hands. Other conferences I attend seem to attract mostly people who are already contributors. I’m very happy to see SCaLE having a wider reach.

My favorite event was definitely the PostgreSQL LAPUG birds of a feather session on Saturday evening. We filled the room and had to fetch chairs from outside! Josh Berkus and Magnus Hagander provided some great slides that I used for a quick tour through new SQL programming, administrative and security features in the upcoming release of 8.4. This presentation was basically a tag team effort between myself and Josh.

More than 3/4 of the people had never attended a PostgreSQL user group meeting before, and I hope to hear that they all subscribe to the mailing list and attend some meetings!

We had great traffic at the Postgres booth. There were a surprising number of people who asked about migrating from MSSQL to Postgres. Fortunately, we had at least one person with a fair amount of Windows experience at the booth (Thanks, John!). I also was grateful that many people stopped by with follow up questions about the filesystems I/O talk I gave. I really felt like it was well received, and I hope that we end up with a few new recruits to our testing.

Great show! And now I’m off to relax downstairs before I work a downtime this evening 🙂

twittering on 2009-02-21

  • dru gives shout out to user groups! #scale7x #
  • @n0dos your presentation was awesome. thank you so much. hams are hot! #
  • listening to @rikkikite talk about how to promote yourself better (for men and women) #scale7x #
  • “state your point briefly and clearly.” #scale7x #
  • “be confident and cool.” @rikkikite #scale7x hah! love it. #
  • so, @rikkikite’s advice for getting over stage fright: audition for the vagina monologues. #scale7x #
  • awesome daily affirmations for women in technology from @rikkikite @scale7x #
  • another theme from @rikkikite’s talk, overcoming imposter syndrome: #
  • @markgross give up! just use gzip 🙂 #
  • Done with slide tweaks. Other people were in the gym at 6am with me #scale7x #
  • Bradley kuhn says “stall-mend gived u free-domes, but Cloud ated them.” #scale7x #
  • Email becomes gmail #scale7x #
  • We should “decide what’s best for users based on what they deserve as human beings.” #scale7x #
  • Feeling like more than just education and “giving” rights, we need to empower users to take their rights #scale7x #
  • Not exactly sure how to do that. Feel like inclusive community is the start #scale7x #

twittering on 2009-02-20