Call for Presentations for Postgres Open 2012 is open

Postgres Open welcomes your talks and workshops for our conference. Presentations should be oriented towards the business or development user of PostgreSQL, and should have substantial technical content. Submissions are due by 11:59pm, June 26, 2012.

Last year’s conference had about 175 attendees from all over the world, and included speakers from EnterpriseDB, Heroku, 2nd Quadrant, Hewlett Packard and PG Experts — our first sponsors for 2012. We also had speakers from startups like Urban Airship, and financial services companies that use Postgres at the core of their analytics.

Submit a proposal today!

Currently we are looking for seven kinds of talks:

Briefs (20min): short technical topics, product introductions, and mini-case studies.

Scaling (50min): experiences, tools and technical details of how you scaled PostgreSQL to meet unusual challenges. Talks about scaling typically cover PostgreSQL in high throughput or high concurrency environments, big-data, data-warehousing, sharding and replication for scaling purposes.

Products (50min): technical presentations on your PostgreSQL-related product or project, either open source or proprietary. These should cover both the “how” and the “why” of usage.

HOWTOs (50min): Brief DBA or developer-oriented presentations of how to solve a problem, accomplish a task, or achieve a goal with PostgreSQL and related tools. This includes performance tuning, application development, database architecture, and features.

Innovations (50min): Presentations on new PostgreSQL features and related projects or ones in development. Cutting-edge code, tools and techniques with users can make use of today are welcome.

Case Studies (50min): Detailed stories on how a company or organization accomplished extraordinary things with PostgreSQL, or how they migrated from another DBMS. Preferably, Case Studies should be presented or co-presented by a member of the organization involved.

Workshops (3 hours): hands-on tutorials which thoroughly ground attendees in a particular technology, technique, product or tool. Workshops should include demonstrations, audience interaction, and optionally, guided hands-on exercises. If attendees need to arrive with specific software installed, please note it in the talk description.

Postgres Open is dedicated to providing high-quality content to attendees. As such, we request that all presenters be executives, team leaders, engineers or architects (not sales or marketing line staff). Presentations should have substantial technical or educational content. If you have questions about whether or not a particular presentation topic is appropriate, please contact

Submit a proposal today! Submissions are due by 11:59pm, June 26, 2012.