twittering on 2011-04-27

  • Dreamhost bites me in the ass again. #
  • The DH thing is that a server went offline because of hardware issues, but no notification was put up about it. #
  • I don't mind that they're working on it, but it seems a bit ridiculous to not provide *any* feedback. I thought it was my fault. #
  • Maybe that I got a spike in traffic or something eating up all the memory. But no. They just took it down, without any notice. #
  • Ultimately, this really is my fault. I have to switch services because I can't tolerate the outages. Been putting it off for a while. #
  • I've been a DH customer since 2004. Makes me sad to have to leave. #
  • Sleepy after awesome arduino hacking session. #

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