Registering as a Foreign Corporation in Virginia

As COO of Prime Radiant, I am tasked with several bits of paperwork like making sure our taxes get filed and tending to our status as a corporation. One such task was registering as a Foreign Corporation in the state of Virginia. This is a step along the path of paying a salary to a remote employee working from there.

In the words of Colin:

You’d think you could say, “Hi, VA! We want to start throwing fistfulls of income tax at you. Is ok?”

and they’d be like, “Awesomez! Here iz tax id #. kthxbye!”

But no.

So, I created a checklist for all the steps needed for this process. Virginia, unfortunately, still uses a paper form. Some states (including Oregon, yay!) have web forms for this. But few states provide a checklist for all the information you need to successfully complete any particular form.
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Thoughts from Think Out Loud’s Women in Tech radio broadcast

I was on the radio program Think Out Loud here in Portland this morning. Before getting on the radio, I prepared a few things to say and wanted to share a longer form of what I was thinking.

I’ve been blogging more about women’s issues in relation to open source community and technology more generally. The experience is finally something that’s pretty fun — because there is finally research, success stories and a real sense of optimism among my friends and colleagues.

This is in no small part because of the wonderful experiences I’ve had working in open source and on PostgreSQL.

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Embedding and Checkmarkable: the Five Whys

This is just a quick, very excited post about features in Checkmarkable.

We’ve done a bunch of new work this week! One of my favorites is embedding.

You can create a publicly accessible checklist in Checkmarkable by giving it a Creative Commons license. Then you can share a link back to the list with your coworkers and friends. Or you can embed it.

For now, you can just view them remotely. But we’ve got other plans in store…


What I mean when I say I would like more women in the software industry

Sometimes I’m asked about women’s equal representation in the software industry. And someone might also ask me — what other than ethics justifies spending precious resources on making a company or a community include more women?

When I think about getting more women involved in the production of software, I think about:

  • What’s the ethical thing to do
  • What’s the fallout when we don’t do the ethical thing

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