Registering as a Foreign Corporation in Virginia

As COO of Prime Radiant, I am tasked with several bits of paperwork like making sure our taxes get filed and tending to our status as a corporation. One such task was registering as a Foreign Corporation in the state of Virginia. This is a step along the path of paying a salary to a remote employee working from there.

In the words of Colin:

You’d think you could say, “Hi, VA! We want to start throwing fistfulls of income tax at you. Is ok?”

and they’d be like, “Awesomez! Here iz tax id #. kthxbye!”

But no.

So, I created a checklist for all the steps needed for this process. Virginia, unfortunately, still uses a paper form. Some states (including Oregon, yay!) have web forms for this. But few states provide a checklist for all the information you need to successfully complete any particular form.
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Embedding and Checkmarkable: the Five Whys

This is just a quick, very excited post about features in Checkmarkable.

We’ve done a bunch of new work this week! One of my favorites is embedding.

You can create a publicly accessible checklist in Checkmarkable by giving it a Creative Commons license. Then you can share a link back to the list with your coworkers and friends. Or you can embed it.

For now, you can just view them remotely. But we’ve got other plans in store…