Weekly tweet digest for 2010-12-19

Vacation, Dec 18-Jan 3

I’m taking an extended vacation. While it’s possible that I may check my email while I’m out, it is not likely. 🙂

Sorry for the short notice! I just realized today that I need a bit of a break from email. In fact, I may just delete everything out of my inbox rather than spend hours trying to sort through it when I get back.

So, while I’m out, if there’s something you need my help with, here’s what I suggest you do:

* If it’s PostgreSQL related, contact pdxpug@postgresql.org for local stuff, or pgsql-advocacy@postgresql.org for other advocacy related things.
* If it has to do with some other form of volunteer activity, I don’t have a good backup for me and it will probably just have to wait.
* If I’m really the only person that can help, queue up an email draft and send me a message when I return (After Jan 3, 2011).

Have a lovely holiday season! And we’ll see you in the new year.

Weekly tweet digest for 2010-12-12