twittering on 2008-11-26

  • headed out to code-n-splode! #
  • @jdub code-n-splode is a programming group for women. we get together monthly, then we go out for drinks. been around for about 1 yr. #
  • @spinnerin ouch! 🙁 hope you feel better. #
  • today’s #codensplode is about ikiwiki, a wiki compiler: #
  • maria @ubergeeke is presenting! #codensplode #
  • @zippityd most definitely we encourage designers to come! #
  • “i’ve been doing ‘cd /usr/local/gin’ for the past two weeks” (regarding green dragon) #codensplode #
  • “it’s like portland tech community has this awkward local ex- that we don’t know how to deal with.” (re green dragon) #codensplode #
  • who’s ready to eat some turkey? #
  • @magnushagander you don’t even celebrate thanksgiving! none for you. #
  • @skitch — RT @jshirley: wishing Skitch had a mosiac fill, to send screenshots and blur out sensitive data… #
  • @jmoriarty LOL. thank you. #
  • listening to @gorthx hoot and holler about getting an unmentionable beverage for an upcoming event related to socializing and coders. #

Postgres mailing list traffic over time

Code vs. Docs

Graph by Magnus Hagander

Spurred on by Bruce’s recent blog post, I spotted a fun thread on pgsql-general:

A few core contributors have been examining their archives and speculating why it is that some feel that they can’t keep up with mailing list traffic as well as they used to.

Reasons tossed around included:

  • More people involved
  • More patches
  • Contributors are just getting older
  • More in-depth questions. Tom said: “Fewer, How do you pronounce Postgres? and more, Explain the various isolation levels for transactions and how does that affect my particular situation?”

Out came the graphs! Tom Lane kicked things off initially with a plot of mailing list messages since 1998:

Tom Lane

I shared one of Magnus’ graphs about Code vs. Documentation at the top. There are several more graphs shared in that thread that are worth checking out, along with pointers to resources like MarkMail, graphs from Ron Mayer, and Ohloh. Enjoy!

twittering on 2008-11-25

  • @rael congrats! #
  • Seeking examples of business / tradeshow professional clothing for women, that has logo on it, that doesn’t suck. producers, pics, etc. #
  • @petdance thank you for the first example of what not to wear. #
  • @mjollnir yeah, i know. #
  • looking forward to code-n-splode tonight. #
  • @petdance yes, please find me a penguin costume. #
  • @AE3nn based on initial responses, professional women’s clothing, with a logo on it, for conferences does not exist. #
  • @AE3nn that gives me an idea: make a laptop bags out of all the shirts! 🙂 #
  • @Theory Bon film! #
  • @Theory enjoy the film! (french FAIL) #
  • @Irene_S YES. Would like to see them, pictures and who you got them from! #
  • @gorthx thanks, i am hoping not to resort to mods, but will do what Ihave to. #
  • @Irene_S would love to see photos! otherwise, just bring one of those shirts to our next meeting 😀 #

twittering on 2008-11-22