twittering on 2009-05-30

Inspiration to project

Kathy Sierra tweeted today about the transition from talking to doing in tech culture. We have Camps, but getting from the inspired conversation to actually producing something useful isn’t always easy. Kathy used the term ‘jam’ to describe what it is when people get together to create something, rather than just talk about it. Here in Portland we use the term ‘hackfest’ or ‘codesprint’. Both of those terms imply working with code that’s already out there. Jam seems like a better term when you’re making and playing from scratch.

I thought this could maybe be the start of our lifecycle:

inspiration/tweet -> *camp -> git init -> *jam -> project

I threw the revision control in there as a placeholder for grabbing a namespace and distributing code.

How do you think community-developed software gets created? How would you describe the process your own projects go through?

twittering on 2009-05-29

  • RT @joshwaihi: @webchick @slicehost has PostgreSQL support FTW! #
  • @dietrich maybe I’ll see you there! #
  • @dietrich well, it was @adamd spreading the rumor that YOU knew the juggler people! #
  • Book a room for @osbridge now, get the early bird rate, do your victory dance #
  • headed out 🙂 RT @BikePortland: – At carfree Last Thursday on Alberta. It’s awesome out here. Come out and join the fun! #
  • @spinnerin mojitos are like the theme of the day 😀 #
  • back from alberta. carfree Last Thursday FTW! had a nice stroll with @mildwail. perfect evening! #
  • @aurynn alberta *street* heh. #
  • good luck with the marathon this weekend, @gorthx! You’re going to kick ass! #
  • looking forward to @strangelovelive with @spinnerin this evening. hoping for mojitos. #
  • @betsywhim @camikaos lmgtfy: #
  • @betsywhim it came up as #1 in my search! 🙂 just because #betsywhimisawesome #
  • To the relief of all my relatives, I just disconnected twitter from facebook. #
  • @cwebber @garethgreenaway i’ll just have to continue to confuse them the old-fashioned way: by talking with them. #
  • @sumwan indeed 🙂 #

twittering on 2009-05-28

twittering on 2009-05-27

  • Drinking sake and making dinner. #
  • RT @irabinovitch: anyone from santa monica area heading to the LA Postgres User Group ( #lapug ) tonight? Interested in carpooling? #
  • >@evan and use that $250 savings to go to @osbridge! 🙂 #
  • RT @CouchDB: Getting cozy with Postgres on @BrandonOrther hardware. #

twittering on 2009-05-22

  • With @aaronthul again for #pgcon #
  • Thanks for an informative talk, Len! (via @pdxpug) #
  • the postgresql codebase is more than 20 years old, and we’re designing to last for another 20 years. stringent reqs come from that #pgcon #
  • listening to tom lane and bruce momjian give a talk about contributing code to postgres #pgcon #
  • “you need to walk before you run.” -tom lane #pgcon #
  • @gorthx would appreciate the current slide 😀 #pgcon #
  • “don’t start here.” #pgcon #
  • “I take on things that seem insane.” Bruce Momjian #pgcon #
  • @WomenWhoTech 🙂 #
  • question: “do you find that working so publicly is helpful?” #pgcon #
  • “You rely on other people to spot your mistakes. Now, I feel more secure than if I was working in the corner.” -tom lane #pgcon #
  • RT @andyparsons: RT @stevenbjohnson:Fun API event at last night. See to get live Twitter updates on news with … #
  • is pretty. looking forward to updates from @nearlybot for some hyperlocal news. #
  • “trying to use the strengths of everyone in the organization. it’s not a single cowboy-type group.” Bruce Momjian #pgcon #
  • “Design your interface first.” (to get your patch into postgres) #pgcon #
  • Contributing to the community first helps your credibility and makes ppl more likely to respond/help you with your patches #pgcon #
  • Just updated the wiki Submitting A Patch documentation 🙂 #pgcon #
  • delicious schwarmas for lunch because of matthew wilcox’s leadership #pgcon #
  • gonna wander over to temporal data talk #pgcon #
  • didn’t realize that @pgsnake was going to use twitter to start new internet memes: ‘git is the new dtrace.’ #pgcon #
  • @eggyknap @xdeadcodex 2>&1 /dev/null; 😛 #
  • happy birthday @gorthx!! 🙂 #
  • watching a talk on FluidDB from @terrycojones #pgcon #
  • esther dyson is helping fund the development of FluidDB #pgcon #
  • enjoying @terrycojones’ speaking style. nice when hackers are eloquent and talking about design 🙂 #pgcon #
  • changed the world by making people think about tagging (writing) the web -@terrycojones #pgcon #
  • “the main thing we do as computer scientists is trying to come up with better representations.” @terrycojones #pgcon #
  • comparing arab 2 binary 2 roman numerals for arithmetic 2 show representation changing difficulty of problem thru representation #pgcon #
  • cool idea for a fluidDB hack: take color blindness information to automatically change colors for people #pgcon #
  • if you have a successful application, people will want access to your data – not your crippled API #fluiddb #pgcon #
  • setting up for the lightning talks! #