PgCon 2009: Lighning Talks! Call for participation

Ottawa is almost as pretty as Portland this time of year.

Ottawa is almost as pretty as Portland this time of year.

Can you believe it? PgCon 2009 is nearly here!

We need lightning talks for our Lightning Talks session at PgCon in Ottawa, Ontario next week!

I have a few talks lined up (there’s really only time for about 10 of them!), but we need MORE! Lightning talks are FIVE MINUTE presentations. If you’ve never given a talk before, this is a great way to get your feet wet. If you have a last minute awesome thing to share, now is your time to do it!

Anything PostgreSQL related – code, stories, announcements — just send your topics to me! Comment below or email me: selena -at- postgresql -dot- org.

I’ll post talks as they are confirmed here:

Hope to see you at PgCon!

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twittering on 2009-05-07

  • RT @spinnerin: Starting a page to talk about what we should do with the @osbridge exhibit hall: #
  • RT @br3nda: arrgh! forgot costume for tonight’s star trek premiere! #
  • thank you, @brampitoyo for the best laugh of my morning: #
  • @AaronThul me too. #
  • @confound you are so right. i really need that beard. #
  • the @osbridge schedule is coming together. we’ll be publishing it Very Soon. #
  • RT @dietrich: identity in the browser: firefox + weave + openid = <3 (@marshallk #crystalball) #
  • @karolcooks i don’t think brown cow yogurt has corn syrup. #
  • i never realized what a matchmaker @jkuramot is! #robotdating #
  • @LeahRosin my new strategy is to immediately unpack my suitcase when i get home. if it sits for a day, it usually sits for a couple weeks 🙁 #
  • yes, i will be going to see star trek at 7:45pm. #
  • hi! have you looked at our @osbridge sessions? Can you tweet to me your favorites? #

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  • @brampitoyo thank you for all your awesome work! looking forward to the site relaunch tomorrow. #
  • @eatlikeachef yes! i would require a truck to move it if you’re not within walking distance (4-5 blocks) DM me to schedule a viewing! #
  • @brampitoyo no – could provide details to me, but we’re upgrading and migrating right now. #
  • just made peanut butter cookies. they are very tasty. #
  • @confound if only the monsoon wasn’t between you and the cookies. oh wait. that leaves more for me. hahahaha! #
  • @robtreat2 these are cookies i’m using with an actual recipe! although i did make one or two unauthorized substitutions. #
  • @funkatron i am sad that you will not be with us either. its not every day i see a cat with a tophat! #
  • @hackerchic good luck tomorrow! #
  • buddies that follow me: if you’re at #railsconf, let me know so i can connect u with @hackerchic and @railsdog, my coworkers 🙂 #
  • @ahockley my comment should have included Laconica, rather than just Identica 🙂 #
  • @stewart for what?! #
  • @shawnlevy i am very, very excited for star trek. zachary quinto FTW! #
  • @merlyn congrats on the gig! #
  • @eximious i wish i could share some of the PDX sunshine with you 🙂 #
  • RT @turnstep: Finally done with version 2.8.0 of check_postgres! Don’t run PostgresQL without it. #
  • RT @endpoint: Announcing hosting #

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  • PostgreSQL website design contest launched: #
  • i think this is a question for @turoczy: what is the preferred hyphenation/capitalization for ‘e-commerce’? #
  • @brampitoyo 😀 #
  • @laprice i hear you, but ‘ecommerce’ is hard to parse in a sentence. #
  • RT @paigesaez: um. AWESOME> (leave a chalk trail of your bike route! 🙂 #
  • @paigesaez doesn’t seem hard at all! just something sturdy to attach to a chainstay maybe? #
  • @turoczy i am disappointed that you didn’t use smart quotes. #
  • from that new yorker article @gnat just shared: “relentless effort is in fact something rarer than the ability to engage” #
  • “…in some finely tuned act of motor coordination.” #
  • @paigesaez i’ll see if there’s some big chalk at freddy’s this evening, and if i’ve got something appropriate to attach to my bike tonight. #
  • @paigesaez if so, i’ll be modding my ride tomorrow 🙂 #
  • @danblaker rain just makes room for more contrails 🙂 #

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