twittering on 2008-03-13

  • @kenefsky: there’s precedent — #
  • watching a moose play with a ball. at perlmongers. #
  • @linuxpoet thank you!! i noticed that (without the www) resolves the wrong virtual host. #
  • sigh, meant that to be a direct msg #
  • @notbenh is plugging #moose on #
  • United States PostgreSQL Association launched! #
  • @grigs thanks! i’m so excited. i want to listen to that pointer sisters album. on vinyl. #
  • @grigs: no, just very excited. like the song! (re: announcement and congrats) #
  • nice work, @theory. #

United States PostgreSQL Association launched!

I’m excited to announce today that some members of the PostgreSQL community and I are launching the United States PostgreSQL Association.

Here’s the text from the press release:

The United States PostgreSQL Association is launched! Our draft mission can be found at We will support PostgreSQL in the US through user group development, conferences,
education initiatives and fun.

We will be a sister organization to PostgreSQL EU, the Japanese PostgreSQL User Group, and other international PostgreSQL groups.

The founding members are Joshua Drake, Selena Deckelmann (me) and Michael Brewer.

Nomination and election of four additional board members will occur at the upcoming PostgreSQL Conference West, October 2008. General membership is open to anyone who wants to support the use of PostgreSQL in the US. The organization is being registered as a non-profit headquartered in Portland, OR, and we are applying for 501(c)3 status.

We are still working out details, but please watch for updates!

Questions, Comments? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message at board

Look forward to more information over the next few days and weeks about our plans. In the meantime, you can have a look at our mission statement and goals.

twittering on 2008-03-11

  • i can’t wait to see @notbenh ride the moose. #
  • @radiogretchen YES. always works. esp with grumpy-pants. #
  • hah! tech group convergence: perlmongers will be at the lucky lab at the same time as werewolf #
  • maybe i can finally get that book from @stevelle #
  • behold: MacOSX support for ptop #
  • and per @petdance, next feature for ptop will be full support for remotely connecting to DBs. possible w/ current app, but its not pretty :/ #
  • @linuxpoet mark & i were talking about writing some stored procs #
  • congrats, @peat!! #
  • @jabancroft its good to hear that you’re enjoying sxsw. the blog posts about mean crowd behavior make me sad. #
  • i don’t want a nxnwi (better name TBD) to either bring to portland or be associated with mobs of assholes. #
  • getting coffee, swapping out ppc for intel mac pro this morning. #
  • @aurynn and 4GB ram too. i am a lucky sysadmin. #
  • @jabancroft you should be sorry! 😉 i’ve been enjoying @geekygirldawns posts about BarCampAustin. #
  • @grigs check yr email 🙂 #
  • wishing i had something like the sxsw scheduler for my conference. #
  • @aurynn it’s worth it in the end! hang in there. #
  • @aurynn do they have co-working spaces in Calgary? i’m guessing not — i’m from kalispell, MT 🙂 #
  • @aurynn total bummer. co-working in portland is ~$250/mo at cubespace. lots of sharable loft space too. #
  • @aurynn my husband said that if i ever worked from home, that i *must* have an office outside the house 3 (or more) days/week. #
  • @portvangelistas – did you hear that? i just recruited a canadian! #
  • @bryanstearns – so i hear that you have some cool conference scheduling software? 🙂 #
  • @xolotl yes. others are what are commonly referred to as "groupies". #
  • @mobilehippie *sigh* yeah, yeah. #
  • @robotadam thx for the pointer to pycon’s scheduler! looks nice. #
  • hi @zbskii! what was the database issue? #
  • use postgresql? in the south florida area? SPUG is recruiting! check out the poll for a meeting location: #

twittering on 2008-03-10

  • @verso use ‘TechCrunch’ as your invite code 🙂 #
  • funny, the response to sarah lacy (cruel/emotional heckling) happens on IRC during conferences all the time. not just to women. #
  • just read @grigs response on crunchgear. thanks for writing that, jason. #
  • @grigs your comment on the article. i think the tone was spot on. ppl need to be called out on the sexism. sure, the interview wasn’t good – #
  • @grigs good for SXSW, but the blogging about it has largely been ridiculous. i thought this was good: #
  • wondering if @linuxpoet has been spared the plague. hoping his little ones don’t have scarlet fever! #
  • feeling victorious. #
  • @mjollnir THANK YOU. #
  • @andeezy yup. but the silver lining is that it WAS out in the public, so there was a public response that the heckling was bad. #
  • @andeezy yeah, it has already started. a couple people pointed out that SXSW should have done a better job curating. #
  • @andeezy lol. right. its pretty childish. i guess ppl think its fine to throw stones when they’re hiding behind a mob or on the interweb. #
  • drupalverse: is it possible i just display a menu as a page? without using copy and paste? thx. #
  • @xolotl thanks! checking it out…. #
  • @xolotl fixing the postgres table definition for panels…. 🙂 #

twittering on 2008-03-07

  • @geekygirldawn just portvangelista’d! #
  • @gwalter, @xolotl drupal also supports postgresql! mostly! #
  • jealous of @br3nda’s camping experience. will summer never arrive? #
  • hurting myself laughing at the latest stuffwhitepeoplelike #
  • a postgresql song: #
  • whoa! good morning, @theory! #
  • @linuxpoet GOOD MORNING! #
  • i really think that thursday night upgrades are the best. #
  • hi @aurynn! found any good pants yet? #
  • oh geez, i saw that this morning, wondered what it was #
  • @ahockley a souffle? #
  • hi @ebeckman! #
  • @aurynn why are you learning calculus? #
  • @aurynn there’s an illustrated calculus book that i can’t remember the name of. i’ll go browsing at powells and see if i can find it again. #
  • w00t! used ptop to troubleshoot a stalled query today! #
  • hey @betsywhim, @thesethings and i are giving a wordpress v. drupal talk at LUGRadio Live! #
  • sounds like i need to listen in on @grigs too. #
  • oops my drupal/wordpress comment should have gone to @mobilehippie #
  • @metafluence i remember helping troubleshoot some mac printing problems for the NXNW people a few years ago #
  • @metafluence that’s sad that they just absorbed nxnw. all ur XWs are belong to us. #
  • @metafluence – you had me at bacon. i’m in for reviving NXNW too. #
  • i wish there was an ubuntu superhero that could fix @linuxpoet’s problem. #
  • @ljbanks obvious bene: it is pretty sweet not to have to create new passwords and accounts. also nice to tie identity to a central source. #
  • @linuxpoet don’t make me start a twitterfight about which city has more tech cred! #realtalk #
  • @mtrichardson, @turoczy, @metafluence maybe we should take a cue from portvangelistas and rebrand nxnw as NXNWi. domain is available! #
  • snagged! should i install drupal? oh wait, already did. just waiting for DNS to propagate… #
  • @theory revival of NXNW – but with an "interactive" focus. last NXNW (circa 2000) was a bust. @turoczy and @metafluence started the convo #
  • sounds like #SXSW should get the 411 from SCaLE on registration logistics #
  • @xolotl NXNWi appreciates portvangelistas overture. oh, i’m sure we’ll find a use for you. #
  • hi @jkwatson! #
  • @notbenh i’ll get back to you ~3:20. need to get word from the old man re: dinner plans. otherwise, i am down. #
  • @kenefsky cold shower! gah. #
  • @kenefsky maybe we can just ask them for permission? #
  • @spinnerin that’s the spirit! use it or lose it! #
  • @sarahgilbert how do we do it??! #
  • alright, maybe we should just pick a different, Better name for NXNWi. #
  • i mean, i know that *we* can live this:, but do we want to pay SXSW to do it? #
  • (in previous tweet, meant "we can live this down") #
  • @adamd: it totally would be on the east side. we’d let the westside come over for a visit. #
  • @mattking damn that dreamhost one-clicky siren! #
  • @ahockley you are speaking my language. #

twittering on 2008-03-06

  • looking forward to @notbenh’s Moose talk at PDXPM #
  • @marshallk 🙂 what’s the original list look like? #
  • @ryansnyder yeah, that sunrise was amazing this morning. i wish i still lived in SE and could do a Mt Tabor run on mornings like these. #
  • @radiogretchen i prefer sysadmin, and the answer is yes 🙂 #
  • i <3 Pages. and coffee. #
  • @oleoptene i will take a solo photo next time we meet 🙂 #
  • @spinnerin YES! I want turkeys as well. Guard Turkeys. #
  • can’t wait for chocolate and beer with @gorthx this evening. #
  • @karolcooks well, a girl has to live! the trick is, a run just before. #
  • @xolotl is it possible to be both a portvangelist and a portvangelista? could i switch between w/ costume changes or a trip over a bridge? #
  • @lelonopo: love is a battlefield is the best karaoke song ever. #
  • just submitted a post to #portvangelista. xo drupal. #
  • @spinnerin check out @xolotl’s commentary. also, the magic of drupal. #
  • @linuxpoet we will! #
  • @andeezy, your wish granted: #
  • @linuxpoet i use kerberos and PAM. #
  • @xolotl you’re welcome! i could not resist "faster, cooler and better looking." #
  • @spinnerin i got a replacement cord at the apple store for my mac. #
  • @spinnerin rub some cayenne pepper on it! muy caliente! #
  • @xolotl dammit. tricked by marketing YET AGAIN. #
  • i dub @xolotl the official Portvangelista Propagandist. #
  • @kenefsky dunno. i dump out my todo list via IM periodically. but once i finish a task, i’m happy not to see it again 🙂 #
  • eating carrots. #
  • @br3nda bash it with a rock!! #

twittering on 2008-03-05

  • woot! first sponsorship for #barcampportland 2 pledged! #
  • its a crazy coincidence that huckabee and bill clinton grew up in the same town (hope, AK) #
  • oops.. hope, r #
  • @linuxpoet barcamp is an un-conference. the attendees set the agenda. @aurynn sent you to the right place 🙂 #
  • working on a fun idea for warranty registration. xo US postal service. #
  • @linuxpoet ? no, i don’t think so. we should still do talks/tutorials. i don’t know that the barcamp format would work for pgday. #
  • @karolcooks holla! i’m in it with you – day 4. #
  • @linuxpoet database topics are so special-interest. not sure there’d be enough interest in a database free-for-all. #
  • @karolcooks oh yeah, dude. i’m gonna be in fighting shape this summer. making it not so hard to hall ass up the climbing wall -pullups! #
  • coworker taunting me with Arial #
  • @muckp its a promo to get people to register product. we’re gonna send people something fun, but its a secret for a little while longer. #
  • @spinnerin that donut opening scene just made me SO HUNGRY. #
  • @muckp that’s probably about right. i have a few things to rig up to make the postage stuff work out right. #
  • favorite use for crockpot: making stuffing. thx for the cookbook ref, @spinnerin & @sarahgilbert #
  • @verso i’ll take one! #
  • looking forward to enjoying my lunch outside in the sunshine. #
  • @jabancroft @verso just hooked me up with jaiku! #
  • @andeezy stopping myself from making jezebel-style commentary on the threat/promise. #
  • @br3nda is feeling the #postgresql love #