twittering on 2008-03-03

  • making spinach and salami pizzas #
  • @amcdey and the Free Berlin Tours guy said they have the best nightlife. lots of young people, not many of them employed. #
  • @petdance sounds like it’s time for a new avatar: #
  • @aurynn let me know if you find a good pair. i’ve whittled "crap i carry" down to keys, wallet and phone, but pockets are always a problem. #
  • liking #calagator new look! #
  • @karolcooks i can’t wait to wear my tekken outfit running tomorrow. #
  • feeling extremely organized. now, time to attack this system call problem. the kernel WILL tell me what i want to know. #
  • @schwern bon voyage! #

twittering on 2008-03-02

  • needs more profiles! #
  • heading over to the coffee shop to work on a presentation. #
  • LA postgresql users group having second meeting on March 28, watch for an update to their blog! #
  • driven out of coffee shop by a loud german talking on his cel phone. #
  • helping set up a postgresql user group in morocco. i feel a postgresql user group world tour coming on. #
  • @johnmark the loud german? or the moroccan? i didn’t stop to ask the german for his name. 🙂 #