Wrap-up meetings provide feedback that teams need to improve

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Nobody likes admit­ting mis­takes. Except this guy.

Getting peo­ple to go to a post-mortem meet­ing is easy. Getting peo­ple to par­tic­i­pate with­out a sense of impend­ing doom is hard. Most peo­ple don’t want to be there. They show up ready to fight or make excuses, with a pit in their stom­ach as they wait to talk about what went wrong.

So, how do you fix that pit-in-the-stomach feeling? We’ve worked on this a bit at Emma, and here’s my formula:

  • Set high-level, achiev­able goals and have meet­ings even when things go right.
  • Focus on how every­one will work together to make things bet­ter in the future, not what went wrong.
  • Get every­one to participate.
  • Share with the whole com­pany what the group learned.

Now might be a good time to tell you that I wrote about some changes to our inter­nal down­time process last week (read that post here); today I’d like to fol­low up with details about our ver­sion of a post-mortem meeting.

Set high-level, achiev­able goals and meet about success

A main­te­nance win­dow here is con­sid­ered a suc­cess when we make our changes, recover from any fail­ures with­out impact­ing pro­duc­tion and end on time.

As a group, we decided what’s okay to include in the win­dow, and stripped out some riskier changes. Those included tasks that were hard to esti­mate time for, or ones that would push against the amount of time we allo­cated for test­ing. At this point, going into each win­dow, we have a clear list of tasks, and we can assess suc­cess or fail­ure of each task after the change.

In that first win­dow in January, we com­pleted the following:

  • Upgraded our PostgreSQL databases
  • Recovered 5% of the disk space on our largest data­base cluster
  • Fixed a long-standing main­te­nance issue with par­ent tables on our largest database

We decided to have a meet­ing after the win­dow — regard­less of whether the change suc­ceeded or failed.

Talk about what went well (aka Why I decided to call these meet­ings “wrap-ups”)

I always hated call­ing these dis­cus­sions “post-mortems.” I get why tech peo­ple want to com­pare the process to a med­ical pro­ce­dure, and I love a good zom­bie movie, but it sets the wrong tone. I decided to call them “wrap-ups,” to help make it clear that we’re there to reflect on the project, not find blame.

And here’s what we try to do in each wrap-up:

  • Spend time talk­ing about how things went well, and why
  • Focus on how to improve future projects
  • Distill what we learned

Documenting how the team man­ages main­te­nance win­dows makes the great work peo­ple were already doing vis­i­ble. We also open up the meet­ings so non-IT folks at Emma can con­tribute and make them better.

Conduct the dis­cus­sion for 100% participation

After a main­te­nance win­dow, we com­mu­ni­cate the out­come to the rest of our col­leagues. Then, I sched­ule a 30-minute meet­ing with a sim­ple agenda. We go over what hap­pened dur­ing the main­te­nance win­dow to:

  • Discuss what went right
  • Discuss what went wrong
  • And deter­mine what we could do to make things bet­ter next time

In our most recent wrap-up, seven peo­ple attended, and I requested at least one com­ment from each per­son on the agenda bul­let points.

What we learned

In just 30 min­utes, we came up with plenty of things that the group felt good about doing well and a set of clear changes to make in the future.

Here are some of the things peo­ple liked:

  • Creating a cus­tom error mes­sage for the main­te­nance window
  • Having a phone bridge and using Campfire through­out the win­dow to communicate
  • Using a wiki page to orga­nize tasks and each task’s owner dur­ing the main­te­nance window
  • Using the change win­dow to test out new Linux ser­vice scripts for the sys­tem admin­is­tra­tion team

This was our first main­te­nance win­dow where we used both Campfire and a phone bridge at the same time for the whole team. We chose Campfire because any­one new who joined could eas­ily see what con­ver­sa­tion had already taken place. We used the phone bridge to make it sim­ple to type com­mands and stay in touch at the same time.

In the past, we’d used email and RT tick­ets to doc­u­ment what was hap­pen­ing in the main­te­nance win­dow. Everyone loved hav­ing a wiki page to ref­er­ence and update instead. The wiki just had a bet­ter UI than email or a ticket, and pro­vided a bet­ter experience.

Finally, the sys­tems admin­is­tra­tion team used the win­dow to test out new ser­vice start/stop scripts for a series of cus­tom appli­ca­tions. This is the type of thing that can go un-exercised when you rarely have down­times or main­te­nance win­dows. The team was smart to seize the opportunity!

We also thought a few things didn’t go so well:

  • We didn’t give our cus­tomers enough of a heads-up.
  • Steps for the changes should have num­bers, not just times asso­ci­ated with them.
  • Our test­ing took quite a while because the change affected all the data­bases at the same time, and tests only looked at one data­base at a time.

There may have been other things that peo­ple thought we could have done bet­ter, but we kept the list short and action­able. We’ll change the process slightly in the future to inform cus­tomers bet­ter, add num­bers to all the steps and test data­bases concurrently.

Beyond this cur­rent win­dow, I also asked every­one to imag­ine how we might do things dif­fer­ently or bet­ter dur­ing other downtimes.

A few ideas included:

  • Trying out video con­fer­enc­ing dur­ing the main­te­nance, like Tokbox, to help make com­mu­ni­ca­tion even better
  • Pulling in more helpers for test­ing — for train­ing, and mak­ing the work­load lighter for the QA team
  • Using Salesforce to com­mu­ni­cate upcom­ing changes internally

My favorite sug­ges­tion, though, was:

Feel free to com­ment below — I’d love to hear how you man­age your meet­ings, and what you’ve learned.

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