Postgres Consulting

Selena Marie Consulting provides immediate expert PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) services. Consulting services include:
* Postgres health checkup, including high availability and backup evaluation
* Emergency Postgres debugging
* Database architecture and design
* Training in application development with Postgres While we can help with any Postgres-related project, our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Performance tuning at the operating system, database and query level
  • Logging and monitoring analysis and implementation
  • Training
  • Project or product management related to Postgres in your application
  • Working with the Postgres community To discuss services, quotes and availability, please email: info at selenamarieconsulting dot com

Selena Deckelmann, Principal Consultant Selena is a major contributor to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, which develops PostgreSQL. She is an international speaker on PostgreSQL, open source databases and database performance. She is the founder of Postgres Open. Some of her recent talks:
* Scaling Data: Postgres, The Stack and the Future of Replication, January 2012
* Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: PostgreSQL 9.1 – features overview of our upcoming release (est September 2011 release date) Some of her writing: