open season interview with mark shuttleworth

Just listened to this interesting interview about Open Source project management, virtualization, Ubuntu. A couple quotes:

If you want your open source project to succeed…you absolutely have to have modularity.
–Matt Asay

He was talking about modularity that encourages developer participation – and they went on to talking about Open Office and the problems with their dev structure that drive developers away.

What i’m personally very interested in is how we collaborate efficiently… How do we improve the flow of collaboration? So that’s something we spend a lot of time working on within Ubuntu.
— Mark Shuttleworth

Lovin’ it.

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  1. you got me curious enough to listen… wowza. Mark sounds very open to leaving Open Office if they don’t change some things…

    “Open Office is a bit of a tragedy at the moment…

    takes 8 or 9 hours to build it… to see if your patch makes a difference

    if we don’t… see a change in the next couple months… we’ll be looking elsewhere…”

    To be fair, he said good things about Sun and their intentions.

  2. Yeah, he was pretty blunt about the badness.

    I like that he wants to get developers interested by making their experience with the development process better – UX for developers. I gotta believe that makes the end product better, right?