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Robert tagged me, and I’ve been procrastinating on a ‘stuff I did in 2008’ post, and this seems more fun anyway. Here goes:

  1. I’ve never seen the Grateful Dead in concert, despite graduating from the University of Oregon. Yes, I attended before Jerry died.
  2. I started college as a Chemistry major, intending to switch my major to musical performance.
  3. I competed in a Junior Miss pageant in high school. I wore spandex and danced a synchronized routine to ‘Tusk’, by Fleetwood Mac. I played a violin solo. I lost.
  4. The last time I played the violin publicly was about five years ago for my friend Amy’s orchestra, essentially a chamber orchestra that was a several-month experiment in improvisation with many musicians from the Portland area. The project was a collection of songs she wrote about eight artists and performers that inspired her. The performance was also a release party for the book DIY in PDX.
  5. I once unwillingly spent the night in a Venice convent.
  6. I made another ‘I am not a douchebag‘ bag for the family Christmas party gift. I’ve made three, one of which I was actually paid (“commissioned” hah!) to make.
  7. In 2008, I managed to increase my houseplant count from 0 to 4. All are still living as of this blog post. My chicken count went from 3 to 1.


  1. Gabrielle Roth, because she rules
  2. Mark Wong – since he started the P5 series last week!
  3. Emilie Steele, because we didn’t get a chance to talk nearly enough last year at PgCon
  4. Magnus Hagander, because he should blog more and he hasn’t responded to Robert’s tag yet
  5. Andy Lester, because his book rocks, and lots of people are going to need it this year
  6. Nikolay Samokhvalov, because I hear such great things about and want to visit him in Moscow someday for a Bruce-Momjian-Style tour
  7. Josh Berkus, just for fun and because he is blogging more these days! 🙂

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