twittering on 2009-06-20

twittering on 2009-06-20

Open Source Bridge: Thank you all

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Open Source Bridge ended yesterday at midnight. We wrapped things up at the Hacker Lounge, with interviews courtesy of Strange Love Live, and tons of hackers still coding through the evening. My head was just buzzing from all of the great conversations I’ve had over the last three days.

Thank you to all of the speakers, volunteers and my fellow board members, Audrey Eschright and Jake Kuramoto. Thank you to the core organizing committee, designers and hackers – Reid, Igal, Rick, Adam, Bram and osbridgebot. Thank you to Christie Koehler who did an amazing job with managing volunteers these last three days.

Thank you especially to Peter Eschright, who swooped in and made sure that all of our Logistical issues were solved. Thank you Cami and Dr. Normal from Strange Love Live, and Kelly for all your advocacy work on behalf of the conference. Thank you Steph for your last minute awesome work on the speaker party. Thank you to Beer and Blog and WebTrends for hosting our evening party on Friday *and* our speaker party.

Thank you Amber Case, Kurt von Finck, Mayor Sam Adams and Ward Cunningham for giving entertaining and inspiring keynotes each day. Thanks to Chris Messina for helping kick off our unconference on Friday.

Thank you everyone who came and participated in the conference. Your enthusiasm and passion was inspiring. I appreciated all of the encouragement you gave me and all the other volunteers throughout the time we were there together. All those kind words add up, and so many people were just glowing from the praise.

If you attended the conference, respond to our survey! Also, comments are open on sessions, so please leave comments about the specific sessions you attended. We’ll forward the feedback to the speakers.

I’m still smiling, and soaking it all in. But we’re definitely doing this again next year. 🙂

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twittering on 2009-06-18

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  • @aurynn we’re trying to goad him into it 😀 #
  • .@russell_h just email us the name of the person to ‘’ post-haste! #
  • making a card for @mildwail’s birthday tomorrow. #
  • @aurynn next week, we will lunch 🙂 #
  • PDX FTW! RT @rikkikite: People are nice here — stranger saw me looking at my map and he stopped and gave me directions to hotel. Nice! #
  • nice to hear travellers making good use of the wiki to find their way to their hotels #osbridge #
  • RT @mikeal: @rikkikite I’m heading to Clyde Commons to get some food with @jchris and @admc, anyone is welcome to join #osbridge #
  • glad to hear that @justinkistner found the @puppetmasterd crew. #
  • GOOD IDEA RT @bobuva: I’m thinking of bronging a power cord to #osbridge to ensure power and to share. Conference – Portland-style. #
  • @ahockley thank you so much! #
  • hey @osbridge participants – tell me quick what cool stuff you’re working on. tag with #osbridge pls. #
  • yes! RT @spinnerin: So grateful for all my fellow @osbridge organizers and volunteers. You rock. #
  • @kartar just fixed the DM situation. glad it worked out in the end 🙂 see you tomorrow!! #
  • headed over to @osbridge #

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