Weekly tweet digest for 2010-08-15

  • poking at press contacts all over the world for the 9.0 press release translation. #
  • pgcon audio is now available: http://pgcon.org/2010/schedule/day_2010-05-20.en.html & http://pgcon.org/2010/schedule/day_2010-05-21.en.html #
  • Thinking again about what I am and am not good at. And deciding that sorbet is a core competency. #
  • "Every branny breakfast item in a New York Starbucks is a fucking Blood Muffin." -China MiĆ©ville (blood diamonds http://tinyurl.com/2cvekah) #
  • epic win on strawberry sorbet. #
  • Walking down memory lane. It's pretty nice over there. #
  • There's gotta be an app for this: MAC-sponsored walk-of-shame reminder that you really aught to wash your face now. Location-specific. #
  • Life at Emma: opening up email to find 25 messages concerning attractive eyepatches, and the relevant puns. #
  • Finally registered for @ghc. Plotting hijinks in NYC early that same week. #
  • Leaving another epic pdx perlmongers. #
  • Aww. I missed the twilight crit last night. Photos anyone? #

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