Who do you trust for business advice?

I asked twitter last night and this morning “What blogs / aggregators do you follow for business advice? Looking for lifehacker for business and management“.

Here were the answers:

And at least Joyce mentioned that people aren’t going to have a whole lot of bloggers they mention, because really – you want advice from fellow entrepreneurs, not bloggers.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading HBR.org, INC.com‘s blogs and Fortune CNN’s blog for topic/writing inspiration.

I get Hacker News weekly digests, and Startup Digest in email. I find that both mostly echo what I’ve already read from friends, which I probably don’t need reiterated in email.

And I read Planet Postgres, High Scalability, Women 2.0, Google Research Blog and Daily Bunny. I really like @katemats‘ shared links.

And I get a lot of curated content from friends on Twitter, of course. I’m trying to figure out how to use Stellar, but haven’t quite grokked it yet.

Other things: Geek Feminism Blog, Sumana’s Blog, Apophenia, Napsterization, Bike Portland.org and Penelope Trunk (even though I largely disagree with her these days).

For visual stuff, I scan nerdboyfriend, Hel Looks, and Sartorialist. I like Pinterest, but I find that I *create* boards from image searches there, more than I browse others.

The last few aren’t directly business-related, but they do influence my thinking and help me shape writing, thought and art. Looking at the list I just made, I notice that I’ve shifted my reading to women’s writing. Last year when I looked at what I’d been reading, there were almost no women’s voices.

What do you read?