She’s Geeky report Day 2!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Mei

I’m sitting in the closing session for day 2 of She’s geeky – tired, but feeling inspired.

The main sessions I participated in were connecting women’s communities, OSCON proposal creation and a session on recruiting. I spent a lot of time talking one on one with a couple community managers, and touched on a ton of issues involving leadership, vision and the future of women in open source.

One idea that resonated with lots of people was the idea of going deeply into identifying the common values of the women who start and lead change efforts in open source. And using that foundation to launch future work.

A few action items came out of it involving creating a set of calendars, using posterous for some more communities, and creating a crunchbase-like database of women in the tech community.

I got a chance to talk to a couple women who are Linux kernel and embedded systems hackers. They’re submitting talks to OSCON thanks to Sarah Novotny’s session on creating talk proposals. So awesome!

Now we’re about to go have dinner, and looking forward to a fun evening after a full day.