Cluster Developer Meeting recap

Cluster Developer Meeting

UPDATE: See bottom of post.

We held a PostgreSQL cluster developer meeting on Thursday, November 19, 2009 in Tokyo. About 25 people were in attendance, and seven projects presented status updates. Projects represented included pgCluster, PostgresForest, Postgres-R, Streaming Replication (slated to be included in core for version 8.5), Postgres-2 (not quite available), GridSQL, the Skype Skytools team (Londiste), Bucardo and Slony. Details of our discussions are being documented on the PostgreSQL wiki, and we’ve started a new mailing list.

The group of developers came up with a list of features that they would appreciate being implemented in Postgres soon, and we will be filling out the details in the coming weeks.

Our first milestone as a group is to create a detailed matrix of features to help users more easily navigate between the different solutions. I’m also going to arrange for a documentation sprint, dedicated to creating introductory documentation for new database administrators interested in clustering technology for Postgres. I’ll report out in December about how this work is going!

Josh has also posted a summary of the cluster meeting, and our next actions.

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