5 thoughts on Postgres now offered in Amazon RDS

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  1. I’d be right there, but need either plpython and/or plv8. I figure it’s the ‘u’ in plpythonu that’s preventing python (and the still in beta status of v8 stopping that)

  2. This is incredibly good timing for me – I’m just starting to experiment with Postgres as an alternative to MS SQL Server (which I use at work, not via AWS).

    I looked at the list of options for RDS for the first time a couple of days ago and PG wasn’t on the list – 48 hours later and I’m a happy soon-to-be-user. Cheers Amazon!

    (Did try and comment before but I think it got dropped while I was trying to sign in – hopefully this isn’t a double post…)

  3. I was waiting for it.. It is good the nice features can be used too as MultiAZ which the SQL server donĀ“t have. The only inconvenient is that the only version available is the 9.3.1 which will require a forced upgrade :)