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link dump on interviewing

Been reading up on interviewing. Here’s my most used resources:

I’ve been interviewing people for maybe seven years. I’ve been through quite a few different interviewing situations – my favorite being the startup ISP that had me reconfigure a live network interface (together, we crashed their core web server), and immediately afterward we had a couple pints at Rogue Brewery. Mostly, I try to use behavioral questions (“tell me about a situation when…”), combined with a few open-ended questions about something the person is interested in.

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i’m not naming names…

Designers are saving rain forests. Fashionistas are clearing toxins from the soil. Architects are rolling back global warming. A new wave of eco-conscious activists is stimulating fresh approaches to environmental challenges. The market is their arena. Organic cotton, bamboo, and certified sustainable woods are their materials. Hybrid engines and solar power are their technologies. Stylish, high-performing products and services are their tools of change.

These innovators make it easy for us to integrate environmental awareness into our lives. They understand that while so many of us are concerned about the environment, we don’t always have the time, energy, or inclination to do something about it.

We are lazy environmentalists. This is our moment.

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