ignite was fun, some links

Last night’s Ignite talks were awesome. My thanks to MJ for encouraging me to drink a FULL glass of wine before my talk.

I posted my slides here. Those of you wondering who that handsome man is on slide 3, here’s the wikipedia entry for Benjamin Bloom. He was an educational psychologist whose learning taxonomy (Bloom’s Taxonomy) is still used today in grad school education curricula. He’s mostly known for the Taxonomy and his study that said 95% of all test questions given to students only addressed the bottom of his taxonomy – knowledge questions, or questions that only tested the ability to memorize facts.

My presentation was about making better questions for community-oriented surveys. One caveat is that I am not a statistician! My suggestions sprung from a series of surveys I’ve seen and a small amount of work I’ve done on the Perl Survey data.

One good thing that came out of the talk was that Audrey agreed to have a look at the perl survey data with me in a couple weeks.

Another great thing that came out of it was a friend of mine saw the How Chickens will Save Your Life presentation, and now, I think he’s going to get chickens. How awesome is that?

Thanks all fellow presenters. I enjoyed meeting you all and was thoroughly entertained.