conference aftermath: tired, happy

The conference was insanely great. We had incredible speakers, plentiful coffee, good food and amazing volunteers. I met so many new people and heard about a number of interesting projects that I’ll be following up on and writing about soon. Thank you to Joshua Drake and Josh Berkus for helping organize all of the big and small details.

Thank you to the sponsors:

  • Command Prompt, Inc. – and Joshua Drake for his talk on PL/Proxy
  • Continuent- and Robert Hodges in particular for giving his talk about uni/cluster
  • EnterpriseDB
  • Greenplum
  • Hyperic – nice to meet you John Walker!
  • OmniTi – and Robert Treat in particular for his talk on partitioning
  • Open Technology Group
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. – and to Josh Berkus for his keynote on what’s new in version 8.3
  • Truviso – and Neil Conway for his talk about Query Execution, which many people wished could have continued
  • The Linux Fund – who also brought Kristine to help manage the registration desk

And special thanks to:

  • Stonehenge, Inc. – who sponsored afternoon snacks
  • Green Frog Consulting – Allen Bernstein recorded video all day
  • Portland State University and the Graduate Student Council – thanks for hosting us and special thanks to Rafael Fernández-Moctezuma for fixing the last-minute A/V problems, suggesting a coffee run in the afternoon, and just being MVP all day!
  • Daniel Browning – he took some fantastic pictures

Thank you everyone for making it happen! There were a few people that I started conversations with but inevitably got interrupted – please get in touch.

I’ve got a week of recovery (well, except for my presentation at Ignite on Thursday!), before I head off to New Orleans. I hope to have the audio from the conference available before I leave Sunday.

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