Running a Successful User Group

running a successful user group

After the People For Geeks talk, I presented “Running a Successful User Group” with Gabrielle Roth on Wednesday. You can find our slides and our presentation handout over on Bacon and Tech. The handout is pretty cool, take a minute and print it out!

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  1. Awesome talk! I picked up a whole bunch of great ideas including (1) sit next to the trouble maker (but ask for change in person and in private); (2) my name plus three tags; (3) you can “erase” permanent marker by drawing over it with erasable markers. I loved that you delivered the talk as if it was an actual LUG. It was a fantastic way of showing people the behaviour you want others to emnulate instead of just being a talking head.

    And thanks for the hand out as well.

  2. Hi there! I’m from Brazil and I work with UG leaders (I work at Culminis, Inc and I’ll be helping MS UGSS – Microsoft UG Support Service in Brazil):)

    I downloaded the presentation (PDF) and I’d like to translate it to Portuguese and share with the leaders.
    Any problem? 😉

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