twittering on 2008-07-28

  • Done a powells, next stop probably is roots! #
  • @schwern meet us at greendragon later! #
  • Talking Portland tech at green dragon – we need a local tech conference for and by pdx #
  • not feeding the troll much and considering scotch #
  • @xolotl is here and causing problems #
  • RT @emmajanedotnet: my slideshow was just highlighted as an “of the day” on slideshare. I can has faer #
  • Reading oscin evaluations for my talks #
  • @petdance I got a few good ones 🙂 the best feedback prolly came from the UG BoF though – stuff I’ll use to
    make the preso better #
  • @markgross go to register then your account and the speaking tab on the oscon site. Should be a link to “view full details” #
  • @tmagee good to see you last week. You’ve checked out Scott Berkun’s discussion list, right? #