twittering on 2009-05-14

  • @Henkle321 are you proposing? 🙂 🙂 #
  • sad i missed, planning to meet up for after-beering. #
  • #geekentertainment: looking at @pfenwick’s autodie because it had ‘terribly’ in it #
  • @andyc NO. i saw that you were a zombie, and could not resist following you. now i am *really* interested. #
  • @andyc i need to redo my blog soon. i’ll try habari out. #
  • i get being happy the laptop fits in my ‘tote’,but pick a testimonial from ‘zombiekllr’ or ‘death2joy’. ‘cherrydoll’ is a bit much. #della #
  • OH: “pain is weakness leaving the body!” (the klingon version of @gorthx) #
  • RT @siliconflorist: In bloom: Tell the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) where to go. Please. #
  • meeting up in laurelhurst with @gorthx for some sunshine. #