twittering on 2009-09-29

  • @btmspox oh yeah, & mountain biking. learned the "brake hard w/front brakes before obstacle == endo" lesson first time out, a couple times. #
  • @notbenh definitely! can I sign you up for February? Or we could do a dec 17th session. esp if there's interpretive dance. #
  • quintessential portland weather: sunny AND raining. #
  • @jkuramot i would like to put this: on the front of that bike and take it for a spin! #
  • awesome! RT @StevenWalling: Just signed up for @OpenSQLCamp Portland. #
  • catching up on TAL #
  • @rebekahgolden there's a full-color poster and activity sheet that i hope you find from that first pic. #
  • i feel the sniffles coming on. :/ #
  • @mattly wow. i didn't know that. i'll justify it with the, you know, 8 block walk over. #