twittering on 2009-10-14

  • @magnushagander awww. 🙂 #
  • i <3 savepoints #
  • @FallenPegasus haha yes. in reply to FallenPegasus #
  • would be cool to know when people turn certain music tracks up. or 4 my music player to use that info to prefer tracks for *me*. #
  • RT @caseorganic: Keeping your phone charger unplugged for a year saves as much energy as skipping a single hot bath. #
  • putting cute pictures of goats into this presentation #bucardo #postgres #
  • PSA: check '$?' when you want to know a return code value, cuz that's what nagios cares about. not text returned by plugins. #
  • its like the sun is coming out just for my bike ride downtown. #osbridge #