twittering on 2010-02-07

  • Reading about cultural resistance and learning communities. Feel confident about "it's just not about you" stance of code-n-splode re men. #
  • Also inspired by lessons from lilypad arduino. We don't have to be responsible for changing existing community. We make our own. #
  • @jeffreymcmanus I'm pulling it out of _unlocking the clubhouse_ and an unpublished paper. Chapter 6 in UtC. Will post if paper is published. in reply to jeffreymcmanus #
  • @kattekrab chap. 6 in _unlocking the clubhouse_. We need to blog more abt codensplode. Mostly we have a mailinglist and a community in reply to kattekrab #
  • Uh, onside kick? Bwhahahaha. Go saints! #
  • Uh oh. o_O #touchdown #lolz #gosaints! #