At MySQL Conference: Day 1 preview

Today is the first day of regular sessions at MySQL Users Conference.

I’m particularly excited this year because we have 12 PostgreSQL talks, including a Plenary talk at 9:40am this morning about the state of PostgreSQL.

Today’s talks include Building Data Warehouses, An Introduction to PostGIS, Securing PostgreSQL from external attack, and Introduction to PostgreSQL configuration.

MySQL Users Conference is the largest open source database conference in the world. When so many changes are occurring inside the MySQL database community, our presence is critically important. Particularly that we have Bruce Momjian, Robert Haas, Jeff Davis, Josh Berkus and many others here. Thank you to everyone that’s contributing to the booth, the talks and engaging in conversations here.

We’re also having a PostgreSQL BoF this evening, in Ballroom B at 7pm! Please stop by.