Giving back: “Career advice in less than 5 minutes”

Garann Means came up with this brilliant idea: give career advice about the big topics women in tech are facing IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

So she started a gist to collect advice!

Have a look at the list of topics, and if you’ve got something to add do this:

  1. Make a short video
  2. Upload it to Vimeo
  3. Comment on the gist
  4. Tweet it out!
  5. Feel like the awesome mentor and contributor to the advancement of women in tech that you are!

Also, anyone have a good idea for a tag we should use?

I’m also collecting links to other resources.

Finally, I was talking with some people here in Portland about starting an advice column from respected recruiters and hiring managers. Would you submit a question? I’m thinking like Captain Awkward, but focused on issues women in tech face in looking for jobs, navigating a male-dominated working world, managing and hiring.

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  1. I’ve done “5 Minute Resume Reviews” in the past at events that were pretty cool – kind of like speed dating but enough to get the people thinking about where their resumes need to be cleaned up, customized, corrected, etc.

  2. I just wanted to call out Patrick’s Salary Negotiation post. It’s an excellent overview of ALL THE THINGS we should keep in mind doing the dance with a potential employer.
    I wish I followed these rules more diligently myself :/