Wrapping up Postgres Open, new job, shift away from twitter

Last week in Chicago was amazing! 37 speakers, an incredible keynote by Jacob Kaplan-Moss (video coming soon!) and re-connecting with all the great people in Chicago. We announced a new conference committee for next year’s conference, and said we’d do it again in September in Chicago! That group is just getting started now, and will have some announcements for everyone in the coming weeks.

I’m going to be busy with a new job at Mozilla starting Monday, working on databases with the WebTools team.

Another small change is: I’m writing a few times a day to my tumblr and I’ve just stopped using twitter for the next few weeks. In the last day, I have really only thought about one or two things to share that would have been more than fleetingly useful. As I come across things, I’ll be sending them to the tumblr instead.

I’m also looking for patches and projects to work on for Postgres itself. During Thursday’s code sprint, I picked up an old patch for config directories, and today I spent some time re-generating a list of contributor names for the last 5 major versions of Postgres.

As usual, I feel so energized from hanging out with my favorite Postgres people. I’m only sad that I won’t see most of them in person again until next year.