A rosetta stone for Mac OS X installers for PostgreSQL

I’m no longer using Mac OS X for my primary desktop, but many of my coworkers and friends do. Particularly developers writing applications that use PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) for their data storage.

I’ve spent a lot time over the last few years troubleshooting people’s Postgres installs in the following, very common, situations:

  • A developer installed Postgres on their Mac laptop >1 year ago
  • Now they need to upgrade their Postgres to help me, or support a new application that needs new features
  • They have an old database they’d like to migrate to the new version
  • They have no idea which particular Mac OS X installer they used last time

For this exact situation, I have documented some features of the Mac OS X Installers for Postgres.

And, I felt so good to see this right after I posted the wiki page earlier today:

@zacduncan: “@selenamarie This is helpful to me at this very moment. Thank you. ”


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