JSON, PLV8 and Postgres 9.3

Black Skimmer

I’m presenting a talk about JSON and PLV8 (available on speakerdeck or on dropbox) at the JSConf 5th year Family Reunion, in Amelia Island, FL today. My husband and I took a couple extra days vacation between the conference and the Memorial Day holiday to go birding. So, in the slide deck, I included pictures we took of several of the 40+ species we’ve seen.

The Great Florida Birding Trail starts on Amelia Island, and wow — there are so many amazing species, several of which are endangered, that we’ve seen in the short time we’ve been here. It’s hard to do justice to how beautiful the area is. There’s a wikipedia entry, and some strange politics that have preserved the natural areas nearby, like Cumberland Island.

Regardless, Amelia Island is a stunning backdrop for a conference. I’m a bit of a fish out of water here, but I’ve met so many people excited about the JSON datatype and what it means for their development environments. And, tons of people who wish I would have told them about this a year ago when Postgres 9.2 first started supporting it!

My talk is at 10:30am, right after my fellow Mozillian and creator of JavaScript Brendan Eich presents a talk about the future of browser VMs.