Intro to PostgreSQL class starts March 7!

Remember that class I announced about a month ago?

Well, it’s happening for real. We’re starting March 7th and going for 6 weeks. Sign up now if you’re want to join us for this first edition of the class.

I’m planning to do screen casts for a lot of the content, and have just started playing around with Screenflow.

The first couple weeks are primarily about using psql and learning key features of PostgreSQL, with some history sprinkled in. The next two weeks dive into features like: full text search, built-in functions, our many datatypes, indexing and transactional DDL. I’ll be surveying students as we go along to add detail where I can on key features they’re interested in. The last few weeks go into administration, maintenance and configuration. I’ll also be throwing in details about the PostgreSQL community – people, the best places to go for help, and hopefully some cameos from Postgres community members.

So, don’t forget to sign up today! Especially because this pudding says so:

Image courtesy of @thesethings

Offering an Intro to PostgreSQL class

UPDATE: See below for pricing.

I’m working with Code Lesson to offer an Introduction to PostgreSQL class.

Code Lesson is pretty cool – it’s an online course system, and the idea is you get a couple assignments and lessons taught by me each week, and there’s a midterm and final evaluation. I love conferences, but the nice thing about an online course is you don’t have to spend an entire workday taking a tutorial at a conference, or travelling to a particular location, and you can finish assignments when it’s convenient for you.

My current working outline is:

Intro to Postgres

Hello, world!
* History of PostgreSQL project
* Features
* Basic SQL

* psql
* Drivers: Perl and Python examples
* GUIs
* Documentation

Survey of features
* Full text search
* Built-in functions
* Datatypes
* Indexes
* Transactional DDL

* Mailing lists & IRC
* Asking questions
* Modules, add-ons, tools

* System and hardware
* Installation and configuration
* Maintenance and operation
* Replication

Our plan is to provide students with login access to a shared database. During the course, I’ll be available to answer questions and I’m considering making short videos to go along with the course material.

We haven’t set the price for it just yet, but should be figuring that out in the next week or so.

Anyway, if you’re interested, sign up and you’ll get an email when we set the price. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about content.

Another thing that was requested in the Hacker News thread was more advanced material. I think the advanced material falls into two categories – PostgreSQL core functionality, and administration/tuning.

Update! Pricing is set at $325/student, with a 10% discount if you register 2 or more students at the same time.