PgCon Day 1: Developer meeting

Jan, talking about DDL triggers

I’m back from the developer meeting where we blasted through eight hours of presentations and discussions from key members of the PostgreSQL developer community.

One great outcome from the meeting is that WE ARE MOVING TO GIT.

There’s lots of other great stuff on that wiki notes – like a list of possible features for 9.1, plans for DDL triggers, and a continued discussion of snapshot cloning.

There was also much approval voiced for the alpha process that Peter Eisentraut championed last year.

I volunteered to steer our next “reviewfest” – kicking off June 15! And I’m trying to rope another developer into the next commitfest, which we anticipate starting on July 15. The plan is to stick with our development schedule from last year.

And I’m working with Josh Berkus to put together an open issues list for 9.0. I think I went a bit overboard, and many of the things I listed are probably resolved – hopefully committers will make quick work of the list, and we’ll be speeding along toward releasing 9.0 in June!

I missed out on the group picture, so I look forward to someone’s photo editing efforts in the near future. 🙂

Waffle-induced development

My waffles will probably not look as good as this.

People often ask me for advice on how to motivate and get people excited about coming to meetings, participating in user groups and contributing to projects. I’m going to try to blog more about the things I do that work.

Friends in Portland know that I often use food (and sometimes alcohol) bribes to get them to come over to my house to hang out, and then do work that is best done with a group (recall a major weeding project in my front yard).

We needed a few good folks to help out with the next phase of our Open Conference Ware application, and so I decided to reuse this “get house chores done” trick to hopefully motivate a few hungry developers to work with us on the next phase of the project.

When I sent out the message, I got both an enthusiastic “Hell yes, I’ll come for waffles”, and an “Oh man, I already had plans — which, if they fall through, I will totally be there for the waffles.”

I’m sure that the good people who stepped up to help us would have done so anyway. But, if I can provide a warm breakfast while we hack away on wireframes, why not? And, after I tweeted what we were up to, I got another volunteer!

Image courtesy of rizkapb, Creative Commons 2.0 generic license.