Submissions for Lightning Talks for Postgres Open being accepted

By popular demand, we’re having a session of lightning talks at Postgres Open this year!

What is a lightning talk, you ask? It’s a 5-minute talk on a topic of your choosing. (For this conference, it should be at least vaguely postgres- or database-related.) Make it as serious or entertaining as you like. If you’ve never given a talk at a conference before, this is a great way to try it out. The audience is forgiving, and it’s only 5 minutes!

Slides are not required, but are helpful.

The session will be 5pm – 6pm on Tuesday, Sept 18. Sign up today!

There’s a limited number of spaces, so get your talks in now! 🙂

(Many thanks to Gabrielle for writing this blog post!)

(And psst – don’t forget to buy your tickets! 🙂

Lightning talks from PgCon 2010

Thanks again to all the folks that volunteered to give five minute talks during the Lightning talks session at PgCon!

Our lightning talks this year were:

  • PostgreSQL Developer Meeting in Five Minutes – Bruce Momjian
  • Slony 1 => 2.0 – Steve Singer
  • PostgreSQL and Twisted – Jan Urbanski
  • The FlyMine Project – Matthew Wakeling
  • Enhanced Tools for PostgreSQL – Tomonari Katsumata
  • Servoy – Christophe Pettus
  • Tail_n_mail – Greg Sabino Mullane
  • GSOC – Robert Treat
  • Pg Staging – Dimitri Fontaine
  • Serializable Transaction Isolation – Kevin Grittner
  • 10 ways to wreck your database – Josh Berkus

All presentations are downloadable from:

Image Copyright © 2010 Richard Guy Briggs from here and used by permission.

PgCon Lightning talk: User Groupalooza

I gave a Lightning talk today about PostgreSQL User Groups. I wasn’t able to get through ALL my slides – but I only had to rush through the last three. (click on the cat below to download – 5MB)

splash for user group talk

Lightning talks are some of my favorite sessions. I got to announce the incorporation of PostgreSQL-EU! We had a talk about DBIx::Cache (which you should all check out!), a cool open source lab in Japan that Hiroshi Saito works for (only for Japanese, but very cool), Gavin Roy talked about Staplr and a new benchmarking tool called Playr that was just released on Thursday, and six more talks! We hope to publish the rest of the slides shortly.