twittering on 2008-04-13

  • @br3nda got serious props at #lugradiolive conference #
  • @br3nda it was during’s preso on community – she did a shout out to 🙂 #
  • hey portland ladies, why haven’t you filled out your profile? #
  • just finished watching allison randal’s parrot talk at #lugradiolive #
  • getting great ideas for postgresql advocacy from the SFPUG folks #lugradiolive #

lugradio live and emma hogbin


I drove down to San Francisco yesterday with my co-presenter Andy for LugRadio Live USA 2008. Between presenting and booth duty, I was able to see Matthew Garrett give a fantastic talk about laptops and power management (and all the things that go wrong!), and Emma Hogbin give her talk, “Form an orderly queue, ladies.”

emma jane

I really enjoyed Emma’s presentation, and especially was impressed that women attendees made up more than half of her HICK Tech conference. It was an unexpected, and really inspiring achievement. She also mentioned, a great new service that Brenda Wallace set up for cataloging women speakers. I can’t wait for her talk at OSCON.

One of her main points was that increasing the number of female speakers at conferences – regardless of their marketability (my words, not hers) or geek-cred – was the key to increasing female attendance. Later on, she mentioned that she also had enlisted the help of a couple key matriarchs in the community to help ensure the participation from the community. Conference organizers should pay attention to what she’s done.

She knits. And she sews. With fabric that I love. So much that I made a pillowcase out using a piece of it:


I even made that pink piping myself!

This evening I had a great dinner at Out the Door in the Westfield center, and then spent a few hours hanging out at the Google after-party. Had a lovely evening. Finally time for a good night’s sleep!

twittering on 2008-04-09

  • @Silona are you working with zak or sam? we’ve been chatting about an hackathon running parallel to OSCON – lots of OSS projects involved. #
  • @silona ahh ok. sounds fun. i wonder if we can do this in the convention center? or if they’ll kick us out? worth finding out. #
  • @silona regarding women who advise: i think you need to broaden the titles you’re searching for. sm business don’t always match "enterprise" #
  • awww, i like my cloud: #
  • @spinnerin there’s just something so awesome about clouds. i made a cloud generator for polls scooter does for class. kids really like ’em. #
  • @Silona OSCON is still a good place to start, but in case logistics don’t work out, I think freegeek would love to host. #
  • generating @linuxpoet’s tweet cloud… oh wait. tweetclouds crashed 🙁 #
  • <3’ing postgresql #

twittering on 2008-04-08

  • @zrusilla that video is amazing! #
  • @zrusilla that’s the final dr. ruthless test: fix the 2TB database crash! #
  • @muckp that shop looks amazing. i want that trench for scoots. #
  • writing an article about the sweet new lights we installed #
  • @radiogretchen welcome back! #
  • @abacab rayman raving rabbids is my fav game – well, other than bowling, which i like only because i win! #
  • instead of waxing poetic about the lights, i am going to remove bad ram from a server. i feel a sysadmin haiku coming on. #
  • @stevelle isn’t it crazy? that’s what extra beta carotene gets you. my hens eat a lot of grass. #
  • @br3nda lemme know which one you use. i need to run screaming as fast as possible from Miva Merchant. #
  • @br3nda anger! do you think it is fixable? i have some inventorymgmt-fu that i could contribute to making it not suck. my need is great. #
  • @br3nda downloading… don’t have time this afternoon, but will check it out tomorrow morn. #
  • @jkwatson congrats on the new gig! more trips to NYC in your future? #
  • haiku: red light blinks on screen.
    bad ram? i’ll fix you. oh wait.
    that’s the wrong server. #

twittering on 2008-04-07

  • oh sweet. lolcode developer just made basic SQL queries work. #
  • @johnmark i think it’s shaping up pretty well. a lot about community. #
  • @theory – YES, i meant pl/lolcode. #
  • @spinnerin i saw her earlier post — will have a look this afternoon and comment. #
  • @spinnerin btw – geekspeakr is the brainchild of @br3nda! #
  • @spinnerin me either :/ but it is on my hiveminder todo list 🙂 #
  • um.. kind of annoyed that dori said two talks i’m involved with "don’t count" #
  • @karolcooks i’m just gonna go to la isla bonita. with the rest of the ladies who give token talks at tech conferences 😀 #
  • @gorthx agreed. #
  • @niczak <3 postgres! #

twittering on 2008-04-06

  • @linuxpoet i don’t use basecamp! #
  • workin’ on drupal v. wordpress preso #
  • @joshmccormack for lug radio live. working on it with @thesethings. #
  • @sharong no, not including expression engine 🙂 we’re going it in San Fran – admission is cheap, at the metreon.
  • @radiogretchen when i first read your tweet, i thought you were talking about a bike part. #
  • happy bday, @geekygirldawn 🙂 #
  • listening to sufian stevens and writting silly commentary for this screencast. oh man, i crack myself up. #
  • also, the pear tree in my back yard is beautiful. #