twittering on 2008-06-05

  • @brianaker thx for sharing the climb video. i miss climbing too 🙁 #
  • @RobotAdam that totally sucks! hope the smoke damage isn’t too bad. #
  • smell of garlic in the office making me extremely hungry. #
  • @garethgreenaway not anymore! #
  • wishes @eggyknap would work more on PL/LOLCODE TOO! #

twittering on 2008-06-04

  • in Austin? Austin PostgreSQL UG meeting is happening RIGHT NOW! #
  • ok, on plurk #
  • liking the ‘wants’ in plurk. easier visually to filter out items to respond to. #
  • ok ppl, who’s on plurk? #
  • @brampitoyo following ppl is *not* the same as friends. following is more passive, no demand for reciprocation. #
  • threading and cliques makes plurk social in a way that twitter really can’t be. #
  • @brampitoyo yeah, different philosophy, i guess. here’s a recent blog post, but nothing about the follower/friend thing: http://tinyurl.#
  • @johnmark you can use IM to plurk! #
  • @turoczy *somebody* needs to be choosy around here! 😀 #
  • heh. i just called everyone ‘plurkies’. #
  • @theory i found you! haha! #
  • wishing i could pipe twitter into plurk. #
  • oh look, @br3nda already did it! #
  • @zaylea cool re: supybot. would love to see finished product. #
  • there will be a chicken-owners meetup/tweetup, Friday @ Vendetta. come hang out with us! i think we should be called the “chicken-tenders” #
  • @karolcooks there are! i’ll dig up some links for the cogenator and you! #
  • woot! shout out to Legion of Tech on page 15 of Greenlight Greater Portland’s Prosperity Index! #

How to Plurk

I’ll keep updating this as I find new things!

All that's fit to plurk! -
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Peat has already mentioned his newfound love of Plurk, a quirky new social networking site that I’ve been playing with. Now that Leo Laporte has endorsed it, they’ve experienced their first Twitter-style growth!

What I like most about Plurk is that it takes the great feeling of chatter you get in a lively IRC channel, and combines it with awesome threading – something that Twitter users have complained about for a long time. Hash-tagging has solved some of the problem, but I have to say that I enjoy a return to real threading.

So far, using plurk is immersive, silly and very fun. The service is still young (periodic 500 errors!), and there are a couple UI issues (too much clicking!). But, using it last night was fast and easy. There’s a definite difference between Plurk and Twitter in terms of attention-demand. I liked @brampitoyo’s plurk about it being “high-maintenance.” I totally agree, but it encourages for short bursts of creative conversation. There’s an intense, good intimacy created with the threads that I don’t see as often with Twitter.

In the first 24-hours, here are a few tips I’ve gleaned for getting the most out of plurk:

  • Check out the Mobile edition:
  • Use Plurk with IM: Go to My Account, and then Instant Messaging to set up Plurk with your favorite IM client
  • Follow ‘amix‘ for updates on changes to Plurk’s interface
  • Create ‘cliques’ to only share your plurks with certain people. Then choose that clique when posting your plurk. Create a clique by going to ‘My Friends’, and then the Cliques tab. If you want me to add you to my #postgresql clique, let me know!
  • Find people by their Twitter handle, by just typing it in at[handle]
  • Respond to other’s plurks in the thread! You can do this on your main timeline page by clicking on the plurk, or you can go to the webpage for each plurk and submit a comment there — example:
  • Check out the Plurk karma trends:
  • Read the Plurk FAQ:
  • Check out ryanlim’s FAQ: (includes a comprehensive emoticon dictionary :D)
  • Got a suggestion for Plurk? Contact them!
  • Of course, there’s already a Plurktionary!
  • A Share On Plurk bookmarklet

A few features I wish Plurk had:

  • A way to ‘favorite’ plurks I enjoy
  • A way to ‘pin’ plurks on higher my timeline to give them more visual priority when they are updated
  • A way to give feedback directly to through the plurk interface — why can’t I just plurk @plurk or @feedback to let them know what I think?
  • More ways to post between services – although @shiny already has a drupal-powered twitter/plurk gateway!

Have fun, and feel free to Plurk me!

twittering on 2008-06-03

  • just got to the bottom of a really icky date discrepancy problem. feeling good. now headed home by bike, in rain. #
  • powered by a smoothie, headed out to eye doc, and then delicious fajitas for lunch. #
  • @ravenzachary spoken like an oregonian! we don’t use umbrellas here. #
  • postgresql peru podcast interview of me is up! (~15min) #
  • @andeezy yes, homemade smoothie. bananas, nancy’s yogurt, strawberries #
  • @garethgreenaway 🙂 thanks! #
  • @mtrichardson if there are any, i imagine they’d be at Elmer’s Flag & Banner, Kites Too! 1332 NE Broadway Portland, OR #

twittering on 2008-06-02

  • call for proposals for july 20th postgresql day, due by june 20 – #
  • listening to my interview with postgresql peru. i can hear all the banging from the construction work that’s going on in mybuilding. #
  • @garethgreenaway it hasn’t been posted yet, i’ll post a link when it goes up. we’re doing a little editing 🙂 #
  • my interview will be podcast #2 🙂 #
  • the first podcast (in spanish) is at: #
  • migrating from mysql to postgresql: comments? #
  • off to lunch with @EvaCatHerder #
  • me with hiroshi saito at pgcon2008: #
  • @mjasay you’ve got my attention – someone from Red Hat’s moving? #
  • well, hello there @barkyblumer 🙂 i actually have a Q for you.. #
  • @danblaker @niczak you should talk to eachother! (@danblaker see @niczak’s recent tweets) #

Call for proposals for PDXPUG PgDay, due June 20, 2008

pgday 2007
(Photo from PgDay 2007)

Please submit a talk! The call will be open for 2 weeks and proposals are due June 20th. Follow the link for details on submitting.

PDXPUG PgDay will be on July 20, 2008. This is a one-day conference happening the day before OSCON at the Oregon Convention Center.

We are inviting anyone who has something interesting to share about PostgreSQL to send us a proposal!

We’d like to have at least one 1.5 hour tutorial and up to five 45-minute talks.

We welcome talks in any of the following areas:

* Case studies involving interesting and innovative uses of PostgreSQL from an application developer, PostgreSQL developer or administrative user perspective
* Converting from other databases to PostgreSQL
* Howtos for database administration tasks (partitioning, backups, replication, writing stored procedures)
* Practical advice on configuration, monitoring and database management